Can I get the vaccine at my destination? Review of medical rules as of fall 2023


Is it possible to receive the vaccine while traveling?

Is it possible for foreign travelers to get vaccinated?
In the case of the corona vaccine. Even Japanese people need a vaccination ticket to get the coronavirus vaccine in Japan . Depending on the type and period of the foreigner’s visa, whether or not it will be issued may depend on the type and period of the foreigner’s visa, and the period required until it is issued.

Information is constantly changing, so be sure to check the information provided by government agencies. It is also available in multiple languages ​​for foreigners, so you can improve your understanding by reading carefully.

To all foreigners who want to receive the new coronavirus vaccine
■Ministry of Justice

What to do if a foreigner becomes sick
■Japan Tourism Agency
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There may also be other cases where vaccinations are required when returning from overseas.
The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare in Japan provides guidance on the following cases, so please read them.

Vaccines (immunizations) for overseas travel

There are two main aspects to vaccination for international travelers. One is necessary for traveling to countries (regions) that require vaccinations upon entering the country. The other is to protect yourself from getting infected overseas. Here we will explain the general vaccinations carried out in Japan.

◎ When a vaccination certificate is required Some countries require you to present a yellow fever vaccination certificate when entering the country. Mainly countries in tropical areas of Africa and tropical South America. Additionally, some countries require proof of vaccination when entering the country from countries where yellow fever is endemic, so you may need the proof when transiting.Additionally, vaccination certificates may be required when enrolling at school. For more information, please inquire at the embassy in Japan of the country you are traveling to, your place of admission, or your local quarantine station.

◎ Protect yourself from infectious diseases and prevent secondary infections to those around you. Diseases that do not exist in Japan are occurring in foreign countries. Also, there are some diseases where the risk of infection is greater than when you are in Japan. Although there are a limited number of diseases that can be prevented by vaccination, vaccination can reduce the risk of contracting an infectious disease. The required vaccinations vary depending on the destination, duration of travel, mode of travel, age, health condition, vaccination history, etc. It is necessary for each traveler to decide which vaccinations to receive after gathering information on infectious diseases at the destination in advance and understanding the various vaccinations.To stay healthy abroad