Useful dental clinic information in the Minami area of ​​Osaka when your tooth suddenly hurts

急に歯が痛くなった時に役に立つ 歯科医院情報

Tooth aches…

I think there are many people who come to Osaka, the city of gourmet food, and enjoy delicious food when they travel, but I think one of the most troublesome things that can happen suddenly is a toothache. If your tooth hurts, you won’t be able to enjoy delicious gourmet food, and you won’t be able to enjoy traveling because you’ll be worrying about the pain. I would like to tell you about the circumstances of the dental clinic in Minami, Osaka, which would be reassuring to know at times like these.CLOSE

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  1. What should you do if you suddenly have a toothache while staying in the Shinsaibashi/Namba area?

What should you do if you suddenly have a toothache while staying in the Shinsaibashi/Namba area?

I'm so shocked that my tooth hurts
Typical timings for tooth pain include nighttime, early morning, Saturday, and Sunday, and often outside business hours.

The Minami area, the entertainment district that represents Kansai, is packed with restaurants and leisure facilities, and there are many beauty clinics scattered throughout the downtown area, but it may be a little difficult to find a dental clinic. . In addition, the most common times when your tooth hurts are at night, early in the morning, on Saturdays and Sundays, and often outside business hours.

If the pain occurs during the day (weekdays)

If you have a toothache in the Shinsaibashi/Minami area, you can find quite a few dentists near Shinsaibashi Station and Namba Station. Dentists are often located along underground shopping malls or one block away from the main street. The word “Dental” is a landmark for a dentist, so when you see the sign, it’s a good idea to enter the reception desk of the dental clinic and talk to the receptionist.

In addition, there have recently been an increase in the number of very advanced dentists in the Shinsaibashi and Minami areas that accept online reservations, so you can also search online.

If it hurts at night

What should a foreign traveler do if his tooth suddenly hurts at night?

Even if you experience pain at night, Osaka City has a system called “Night Medical Treatment,” which allows you to receive appropriate medical care 24 hours a day, including from dentists and other departments.

■Night emergency dental treatment

Nighttime emergency dental treatment:
Daily 9:00 pm to 3:00 am (clinic hours) Please call in advance if possible.
Phone number: 06-6774-2600 (nighttime only)
*We provide emergency treatment for severe pain, bleeding, swelling, trauma, etc. in the dental area at night or late at night.
From the next day, please visit your local clinic or hospital.

Emergency dental treatment
on Sundays, holidays, and New Year’s holidays 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Reception hours 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.) Phone
number 06-6772-8886
*Dental pain, etc. on Sundays, holidays, and New Year’s holidays Perform first aid.
Please visit your local clinic or hospital from the next day.

Although it is located in Tennoji Ward, which is next to Osaka Minami, it is conveniently located and can be reached within 15 minutes by taxi.

Night emergency dental clinic
1-3-27 Dogashiba, Tennoji-ku, Osaka Osaka Prefectural Dental Association Holiday/night emergency dental clinic

There are also private dental clinics that are open until 10pm at Yotsubashi Station and Nagahoribashi Station, which are the next stations from Shinsaibashi. We are also available on Saturdays and Sundays.

Ai Dental

Frequently asked questions when visiting a dentist when traveling

Can foreign travelers receive treatment?

Even foreign travelers can receive dental treatment. However, when receiving treatment in Japan, a problem that often arises is the language problem. The patient may not be able to tell where the pain is, and the doctor may not be able to properly communicate the treatment plan.
Therefore, it is better to have an interpreter or use a translation app to overcome any language problems before heading to the dental clinic.
In addition, there are other problems that come with being at an unfamiliar dental clinic while traveling, such as which department to go to and how much the treatment and insurance premiums will be. Be sure to check before coming to the hospital or check the website in advance.

General flow when foreign travelers receive treatment at a dental clinic

The general process for foreigners receiving medical treatment in Japan is as follows.

  1. Fill out the medical application form
  2. Notify your insurance status
  3. show your ID
  4. Receive advance explanation regarding payment
  5. Get an estimate of how much your medical expenses will be
  6. Fill out the medical questionnaire
  7. undergo a medical examination
  8. If you require a medical certificate, please ask for one.
  9. Pay medical bills and receive prescriptions

This process is comparable to when Japanese patients receive treatment for the first time. When visiting a hospital in Japan for the first time, it is a good idea to consult with each dental clinic while keeping the above process in mind.

Estimated treatment cost

When foreign travelers receive treatment at a dental clinic, they are basically responsible for paying 100% of the cost themselves. However, insurance benefits may be paid later by the supplementary insurance of an affiliated credit card or travel insurance.

Convenient service for reporting symptoms during treatment

Translation apps are a service that helps foreign travelers overcome the language barrier that they most often encounter when receiving treatment at a dental clinic, but there are also other services that can create medical questionnaires in English. There is a service.
YOLO MEDICAL (multilingual medical questionnaire creation service)

It is a free service that allows you to create medical questionnaires in 17 languages, so please take advantage of it.

Reference site

If you are not sure which other department you should visit, please check the following website.
・If you want to know about medical institutions, you can
travel in Japan with peace of mind. A helpful guide when you become unwell. This

website provided by the Japanese government provides information on base medical institutions and JMIP (multilingual medical treatment). It covers information such as guidance, whether they will be considerate of different cultures and religions, and whether they will provide emergency response.

・Dental treatment FAQ for foreigners if you want to know about dental treatment

This is a guide for visiting a dentist published by the Osaka Prefecture Dental Association. You can learn more about how to visit a dental clinic in Osaka, fee structure, and insurance from our frequently asked questions.