Introducing basic information about autumn leaves. Information on the best spots recommended by Osaka locals


It’s autumn, isn’t it? Once the sweltering heat of summer passes, the seasons change and the weather becomes cooler, and even though the days are bright until night, the sun sets gradually earlier and autumn arrives. Autumn is said to be the best season for sightseeing and other excursions in Japan. The reason for this is that autumn is the season when seasonal foods are delicious, and you can see the beautiful “autumn leaves” as the trees and plants turn red all of a sudden as winter approaches.

What is autumn leaves?

Autumn leaves is a phenomenon in which the leaves of deciduous trees turn yellow or red due to changes in pigment due to changes in temperature.

Why do leaves change color?

In autumn, temperatures drop and daylight hours shorten, which changes the life cycle of trees, causing their colors to change.

Autumn leaves are the most beautiful moment in Japan, along with cherry blossom viewing.

Autumn leaves are the most beautiful moment in Japan, along with cherry blossom viewing.

The reason why Japan’s autumn leaves are so beautiful is because there are four seasons. This is because there are many deciduous trees living here. It seems that the only countries in the world where deciduous trees grow naturally are the coastal areas of East Asia where Japan is located, eastern North America, and parts of Europe.

Furthermore, about two-thirds of Japan’s land is covered with forests, and deciduous trees grow wild everywhere, so you can enjoy autumn leaves all over the country.

When is the best time to see autumn leaves?

When is the best time to see autumn leaves?

Autumn is said to be the season for changing leaves, but the “best time to see them” depends on the location and weather, but it is not long at all, often only lasting about seven weeks.

Therefore, if you are looking to see the autumn leaves for sightseeing purposes, we recommend that you plan in advance.

When is the best time to see autumn leaves?

This is the timing when the leaves begin to change color, and it is thought that the leaves will start turning red when the minimum temperature drops to around 6 to 7 degrees, and the best time to see them will be around 20 to 25 days later.

What are the conditions for beautiful autumn leaves?

It is said that if the weather is sunny and the sunlight is strong during the day and it gets cold at night, the leaves will be brightly colored.
Autumn leaves depend on the weather during the day, the difference in temperature between day and night, and moisture. These three factors are related, and when the weather is good during the day, sugar, which is the source of the red pigment, is actively produced, and the temperature at night is much cooler, resulting in the vivid colors of the autumn leaves. .

Kyoto and other places are famous spots for autumn leaves, but Osaka is also famous.

Kyoto and other places are famous spots for autumn leaves, but Osaka is also famous.
Temples in Kyoto and Arashiyama are famous spots for autumn leaves.

Spots that meet the three conditions of sunlight, cool nights, and moisture tend to be in valleys or along rivers, and Kyoto is dotted with many spots that meet these conditions, and they are perfect for cherry blossoms. There are also many spots known as famous spots for viewing autumn leaves.

However, there are deciduous trees throughout Japan, and the autumn leaves that are unique to Osaka are as spectacular as those in Kyoto. Introducing the best autumn leaves spots in Osaka.

5 recommended spots for autumn leaves from the Osaka Minami area [2023 latest information available]

Autumn leaves can be seen even in the urban area of ​​Osaka. The scenery of the city and the autumn leaves turning red are very beautiful. The changing colors and illumination of the ginkgo trees along Midosuji Street are also a beautiful sight that Osaka is proud of. We will introduce carefully selected autumn foliage spots that you can enjoy in Osaka.
Please come and see the spectacular scenery of autumn leaves that shines against the cityscape.

Osaka Castle Park

Autumn leaves at Osaka Castle Park

Osaka Castle Park, which surrounds Osaka Castle, a landmark of Osaka, is planted with many deciduous trees such as autumn leaves, and during the autumn leaves, you can see the magnificent scenery of beautiful maples and Osaka Castle in the background. I can.

basic information

Osaka Castle Park
Osaka Castle, Chuo Ward, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture
Telephone number: 06-6755-4146 (Osaka Castle Park Center)
Opening hours: 24 hours (excluding some facilities)
Closed: Open every day (excluding some facilities)
Admission fee :Free (excluding some facilities)

Expo’70 Commemorative Park

This Expo commemorative performance features a vast park centered around the Tower of the Sun, designed by artist Taro Okamoto. There are events such as a Japanese garden, play equipment for children, and a flea market, making it a place where you can spend the day. There is also a particularly beautiful spot called “Momiji Falls”.

basic information

Expo’70 Commemorative Park
Senri Expo Park, Suita City, Osaka Prefecture
Phone :
Opening hours: 9:30-17:00 (Entry time until 16:30)
Closed: Wednesdays (If Wednesday is a holiday, the following Thursday) *April 1st to May 2nd, open every day in October and November
Admission fee (common to Japanese gardens and natural and cultural gardens): Adults 260 yen, elementary and junior high school students 80 yen *All prices include tax

Katsuoji temple

Autumn leaves at Katsuoji temple

Katsuo-dera, a temple of winning luck, is located a 30-minute drive from the center of Osaka from Minoh Park. As you pass through the Sanmon Gate, you can enjoy the colorful maple leaves with the vast Benzaiten Pond spreading out on both sides and the stone bridge in the background. It is also illuminated during the autumn leaves season, and you can enjoy the fantastic scenery.

basic information

Address Katsuoji Temple
, Minoh City, Osaka Prefecture
Phone :
Visiting hours: 8:00-17:00 (last entry 16:30) Saturdays until 18:00 (last entry 17:30)
Entrance fee: 500 yen for adults; Elementary and junior high school students: 400 yen
Closed: No holidays


Autumn leaves on Midosuji

Midosuji is the central street that connects Osaka city from north to south. As you drive through the urban landscape of Osaka, the majestic ginkgo trees lined up in rows turn a striking yellow color when the leaves turn autumn.

basic information

Address Chuo-
ku, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture
Free to walk around

You can enjoy autumn leaves in Osaka city

Umeda Sky Building

Autumn leaves at Umeda Sky Building

We would like to introduce Umeda Sky Building in Osaka as a hidden spot for autumn leaves.
The Umeda Sky Building is a landmark of Osaka, consisting of two buildings with 40 floors above ground and a height of 173 meters. From the “Floating Garden” on the observation deck, you can enjoy the autumn leaves with the night view in the background, and the contrast between the autumn leaves and the city when you look up is also very wonderful.

basic information

Umeda Sky Building
1-1-88 Oyodonaka, Kita-ku, Osaka Umeda Sky Building

Business hours: 9:30-22:00
Phone: 06-6440-3855