[Useful tips for sightseeing] Introducing the basic rules and usage of love hotels


Tourists have returned to the Minami area since the coronavirus outbreak, but the supply and demand for hotels is becoming increasingly tight, and accommodation prices seem to be rising in some areas.

In such a case, we will tell you the solution of good news. How about staying at a love hotel when sightseeing in Osaka?

“Is there an age limit?”, “How do I check in?”, etc.

I hope that even those who are new to love hotels
can make their debut in a love hotel without any worries.

An example of a love hotel room “Hotel Cielo” (Saitama Prefecture) https://hotel-cielo.com/room/308.php

How to use break

There is a usage pattern unique to love hotels that is not found in regular hotels: “rest”. A break is a way to use a guest room for a short period of time, usually between 2 and 6 hours, and in most cases, it is cheaper than staying overnight.

There are also differences in facilities and amenities.

■Differences in facilities between love hotels and regular hotels

  • Condoms are always available
  • The bathroom is spacious and complete.
  • Equipped with entertainment facilities such as TV and karaoke.
  • You can order food from a restaurant-like menu.

And so on.

Love hotels are basically used by couples, but this is gradually changing.

Some love hotels have restrictions on the number of people and gender. There are rules such as “Only male and female couples can use” and “Only 2 people can use.”

However, in recent years, these rules have become more widespread, such as “up to 5 people allowed”, “male only groups and female only groups OK”, and in order to attract business users, “only 1 male user allowed”. “Welcome” and “Welcome to telework.”

Reasonable price range

Love hotels are characterized by a more reasonable price range than city hotels.
There are some places where you can stay at a reasonable price of 5,000 yen for two people per night.

How to use a love hotel

From check-in to how to enjoy your stay after entering the room

How to use a love hotel


Unlike a typical hotel, in most cases you don’t have to meet the staff.
There is an automatic payment machine, and by operating it, the room will be unlocked.


When you enter a love hotel, you’ll probably find a large panel with a photo of the room on it.
Choose the room that suits you from our extensive lineup.

Payment of fees

There are two types of payment: one is to pay at check-in, and the other is to pay at check-out.

About amenities

One of the charms of love hotels is their extensive lineup of amenities and entertainment facilities. A wide variety of content, such as welcome drinks, cosmetics, karaoke, and cosplay, provides users with extraordinary fun.

How to leave a love hotel

A payment machine for love hotels that was common in the past.

check out

Be especially careful not to forget anything when checking out.


Nowadays, love hotels are evolving day by day so that they can be easily used by a wide range of people, so in an increasing number of cases, they are designed to be kind and easy to understand, so much so that they are among the easiest to use among the many service facilities available. . The number of love hotels in the Minami area that have been renovated to accommodate foreign languages ​​and are family-friendly is increasing.
The staff will always respond politely, so
if you have a problem, the best shortcut is to feel free to ask.

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