All professional kitchen utensils (Nihonto etc..) are available! ? A complete guide to how to enjoy Sennichimae Doguyasuji Shopping Street

プロの厨房器具(包丁etc..)が 全部揃う!? 千日前道具屋筋商店街 の 楽しみ方完全ガイド

What is Doguyasuji Shopping Street?

Doguyasuji Shopping Street is a shopping street for professionals that is popular among Osaka locals for everything you need.

Doguyasuji Shopping Street is a professional shopping street that is popular among Osaka locals when it comes to everything you need.
There were many shopping streets in the Minami area, but Sennichimae Doguyasuji Shopping Street, also known as Doguyasuji Shopping Street, is a unique shopping street that specializes in catering to professional restaurants.

Specialty stores selling all kinds of kitchen equipment, tableware, curtains, signboards, food samples, and more are lined up in a narrow street that is 150 meters long, which is short compared to other shopping streets.

Although it is for professionals, the general public can also purchase and enter the store, so you can
enjoy the real atmosphere of Osaka, the “merchant’s town,” such as Osaka’s famous takoyaki and okonomiyaki ware, as well as large signboards unique to Osaka. The shopping street is “Doguyasuji Shopping Street”.

What is the charm of Doguyasuji shopping street?

◼️The origin of Doguyasuji shopping street

Doguyasuji Street dates back to the 15th year of the Meiji era in the late 1800s.
It is said that the current Doguya-suji shopping street became a bustling area as a route to Shitennoji and Imamiya Ebisu Shrine from Sennichimae in Hozenji, and was lined with second-hand goods stores and miscellaneous goods stores.

During the Taisho era, it gradually developed into a wholesaler and manufacturing specialty store, and
in 1970, an arcade was built, evolving into the shopping street it is today.

◼️Doguyasuji Festival is held on October 9th every year.

The Doguyasuji Festival is held on October 9th, which is Dogu Day.
The Garapon Grand Lottery, where you can win a lottery with a purchase of 500 yen, is popular.

◼️Recently, the number of inbound tourists and restaurants is increasing.

Doguyasuji Shopping Street is one of the shopping streets that has become more lively since the coronavirus pandemic.
In addition to an increase in the number of customers looking for professional knives as people spend more time at home, there is also an increase in the number of inbound tourists visiting sword shops.
Furthermore, the number of restaurants is increasing, and Doguyasuji Shopping Street is a shopping street that you can enjoy thanks to its convenient location near Namba Station .

Does just looking at the signboard of Doguyasuji Shopping Street make you feel like a festival?

Does it feel like a festival just by looking at it? The signboard of Doguyasuji Shopping Street is very Osaka-like.

Recently, the number of inbound tourists and restaurants is increasing.

Doguyasuji Shopping Street has recently become a lively shopping street with an increase in the number of restaurants.

◼️HP is also available

The appeal of Doguyasuji Shopping Street, where you can learn about the atmosphere and history of Osaka, the merchant town

Recently, the number of inbound tourists and restaurants is increasing.

Doguyasuji Shopping Street used to have the atmosphere of a professional shopping street where professional chefs and shop owners procured tools, but recently it has become a shop with exhibition and introduction spaces for tourists. is also increasing.

There are also sword shops like the ones above in Doguyasuji Shopping Street that will get you excited just by looking at them.

◼️Osaka is also famous as a city of cutlery.Sakai
City, located to the south of Osaka City, is one of Japan’s three major cutlery production areas and is a cutlery town with a history of 600 years. In particular, Sakai cutlery, which is made using a traditional method based on a division of labor between blacksmiths and sharpeners, is very famous, and swords used during the Warring States period were even made in Sakai, Osaka.

Guide to recommended ways to enjoy Doguyasuji Shopping Street

Doguyasuji Shopping Street is home to many stores specializing in cooking and kitchen utensils used by professional chefs and restaurants.

The store sells business-sized frying pans, frying pans that can be used at home, high-quality knives that are purchased by chefs around the world, tableware, signboards, food samples, wrapping paper, take-out containers, and store supplies such
as Osaka’s famous takoyaki and okonomiyaki. You can enjoy the real atmosphere of Osaka just by looking at it.

There are also stores where you can actually experience making food samples, making it a popular spot for high school students and other school trip students visiting Osaka as well as tourists.

Learn about Japanese culture from professional cooking utensils

All kinds of professional cooking utensils, including knives that are coveted by chefs around the world, can be found in this narrow 150m street.

◼️List of cookware shops that handle knives

  • Senda Glass Tableware Co., Ltd. Tableware and kitchen equipment
  • Ebisuya Hardware Store Japanese, Western, and Chinese kitchen equipment
  • Goodies Senda Co., Ltd. Imported miscellaneous goods/kitchenware
  • Senda Co., Ltd. General kitchen equipment, food machinery, planning, design, construction
  • Wada Kitchen Tools Co., Ltd. Kitchen cooking tools
  • Kawanishi Kitchen Co., Ltd. Kitchen equipment
  • Ichimonji Cooki Co., Ltd. Knives and kitchen equipment
  • NAKAO FACTORY WORKS & COFFEE STAND Coffee/Restaurant supplies/Cooking utensils
  • Shibata Hardware Co., Ltd. Kitchen equipment
  • Yamashita Hardware Co., Ltd. Commercial kitchen equipment
  • Tokuzo Knives, knives, hardware, kitchen supplies

Check out an authentic Japanese sword and knife sharpening event

A very cool Japanese sword is displayed in front of the store called Sakai Ichimonji Mitsuhide, which is located in Doguyasuji Shopping Street. The “Sakai Ichimonji Mitsuhide” brand is the brand of a group of sword craftsmen in Sakai that has been in the professional field for over 600 years.

◼️ Click here for shops that have knives Ichimonji Chuki Co., Ltd.

Store nameIchimonji Chuki Co., Ltd.
address14-8 Namba Sennichimae, Chuo-ku, Osaka
telephone number06-6633-9393
FAX number06-6641-6189
home page
business hoursWeekdays 9:30-18:30
Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays 10:30-18:30
Regular holidayJanuary 1st, January 2nd

Experience food sample making and chalk art

There are many shops in Doguyasuji Shopping Street where you can experience making unforgettable food samples and chalk art.

Making food samples

At Doguyasuji Shopping Street, there are currently two companies where you can experience making food samples.
Everyone can dream of it at least once! Why not try making food samples easily and make your own food samples?

1. Design pocket
food sample making inquiries
Business hours: 10:00-18:00

Experience and create with everyone’s thoughts

2. Food Sample R&M
Food Sample R&M, located in front of Namba Sennichimae, Osaka, offers food sample making experiences every day. We create them for school trips and family trips, and are enjoyed by group tours and individual travelers from overseas.

Examples of food samples that can be made

Tempura & lettuce food samples

Tempura & lettuce
is our most popular! Tempura (shrimp and 2 vegetables) & whole lettuce course.
Duration: 20-25 minutes (varies depending on the number of participants)
Fee: 2,200 yen (tax included)

Parfait food sample

You can choose your favorite syrup from 4 parfait colors.
Duration: 20-30 minutes (varies depending on the number of participants)
Fee: 2,970 yen (tax included)

For reservations and inquiries, click here

Experience Osaka’s local culture such as signboards, kitchen equipment, and professional uniforms

A huge Osaka signboard

You can’t help but want to play izakaya at home.

There is also a wide selection of kitchen equipment such as takoyaki makers.

I couldn’t help but want to buy a takoyaki maker…

If you go to Doguyasuji Shopping Street, you’ll find many things for sale such as Osaka’s famous okonomiyaki signboard , okonomiyaki iron plate, and professional takoyaki maker, which will make you stop when you pass by . You can enjoy it.

◼️List of signboards and curtain shops

  • Kagetsudo Co., Ltd. Custom curtains, handwritten lanterns, signboards, folk crafts
  • Marusan Co., Ltd. Noren specialty store
  • Domo Lab Co., Ltd. Signboards, store supplies, miscellaneous goods
  • Computer Studio Co., Ltd. Production of various signs, banners, tents, etc., store design and construction
  • Okorinbou calligraphy signboard
  • Zabuton Honpo Commercial cushions, separately dyed Noren, tablecloths
  • Matsuda Co., Ltd. Signboards and decorations
  • Shinseido Co., Ltd. signboard

Doguyasuji Shopping Street Tour

Doguyasuji shopping street tour

There is also a tour that will take you around Doguyasuji Shopping Street (reception is at the food sample shop), and if you have a guide with you, they will clearly explain what the tools are.
They will also guide you to unknown power spots so you can have fun. It seems that if you sign up for a food sample tour and more at the same time as a group of 10 or more, you will be given a free tour.

[Tour details] Your guide will show you around the various stores in Doguyasuji Shopping Street. Introducing unknown power spots!

[Price] ¥1,000 (tax included) per group Free for 10 or more people!
Capacity] Applications can be made for 1 to 20 people per group.
Reception] Until 7 days in advance (we may be able to accommodate you on the same day)
Starting time] 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM (last reception)
(excluding 12:00 – 13:00)
Required time] Approx. 15 to 20 minutes (time may vary slightly depending on the number of participants

Click here for details

Summary of Sennichimae Doguyasuji Shopping Street

Doguyasuji Shopping Street is a short arcade of only 150m where you can see, feel, and even experience things like professional kitchen equipment, sword displays, signboard displays, and food sample making. (Sennichimae Doguyasuji Shopping Street) is a fun place where you can experience and learn about the culture of Osaka, which is also known as the city of merchants.

If you are a professional cook or are interested in kitchen equipment, you are in paradise!

Gyosan (meaning many things in Osaka dialect) is also nearby, including takoyaki shops and other restaurants that are representative of the foodie town.

It’s easily accessible from Namba Station and the Hall of Laughter NGK (Namba Grand Kagetsu), so you can enjoy it without getting wet even in the rain, so if you’re interested, please come and visit!

Sennichimae Doguyasuji shopping street basic information

addressNamba Sennichimae, Chuo Ward, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture
TEL06-6633-1423 (Sennichimae Doguyasuji Shopping District Promotion Association/*May be absent)
business hoursVaries by store
Regular holidayVaries by store
FeeFreedom to stroll
accessPublic transportation: Osaka Metro Namba Station → 5 minutes walk
Car: 1.5km 5 minutes from Hanshin Expressway Dotonbori exit via Prefectural Route 702

Convenient way to get to Sennichimae Doguyasuji Shopping Street from the Namba direction

The easiest way to get to Sennichimae Doguyasuji is to go
up the basement of the Takashimaya department store in front of Namba Station, pass through Namba Nankai-dori and turn right, where you will find Namba Grand Kagetsu, a large hall of laughter, and NMB48 Theater.
In between the two facilities is the Doguyasuji entrance, which is where the Dogu entertainment begins.

(News) March 9th, 400 days before the Expo! Doguyasuji x EXPO2025 event held! !

(News) March 9th, 400 days before the Expo!  Doguyasuji x EXPO2025 event held!  !

It seems that an event will be held on Doguyasuji Street to commemorate the 2025 Osaka Expo on Saturday, March 9th. It looks like it’ll be fun too, so check it out!