Don’t think that the rooms in Japan are just small. You can rent a super stylish big 1ROOM at an exceptional price.

It is a renovated apartment located in “Tanimachi 6-chome,” an area that is close to Shinsaibashi and has a living environment such as a supermarket .

please look. The spacious and stylish
floor plan makes you want to scream “New York!”

You can live with the fixtures and lighting as is.
The inside of the store looks like an Italian restaurant or a bar.

It’s like the main character in a movie.

As for the rent, the rent is 110,000 yen, the common area fee is 10,000 yen , the key money is 240,000 yen , and the security deposit is 0 yen.What
is the common area fee? What is key money?

The Tanimachi area is an area where many temples are densely packed in a living environment that can be said to be the roots of Osaka.
Therefore, the area is extremely safe, and there is an educational district nearby and a supermarket, making it an area where you can enjoy the highest standard of living in Osaka.
Furthermore, it takes less than 10 minutes to go down the slope to the entertainment district by bicycle.

Well, the best specs
(I want to move too…)

What do you think? If you are interested, please DM or contact me.

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