Nostalgic remote work…! No, I’ll continue to work remotely!

The remote work style suddenly started three years ago.

I’m sure there are many people who were confused when it came to purchasing headphones and laptops.

Nowadays, the classification of coronavirus has changed and people are reconsidering the benefits of coming to work, but I came across a property that was designed to be completely suitable for remote work!

The location is in Nishinagahori, which is 1 meter from Shinsaibashi and about 10 minutes by bicycle.

This property was newly built in 2021. What’s special about this property is that the entire second floor is a remote work space exclusively for residents. It has a drink space like a shared office, as well as an MTG space and office equipment. With the basic equipment, you’re sure to get your work done!

You can rent this drugstore property on the 1st floor along Nagahori Dori, which is very convenient, for less than 100,000 yen!

Close to the city center x work space x new construction If you are interested, please come!

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