[Newly built/newly built] Search for a rental apartment in Racine Kawaramachi that is perfect for relocating to the Minami area


Newly built property completed in January 2023!
If you want to enjoy the joys and benefits of living in the city to the fullest, come to Racine Kawaramachi.

Basic information of Minami area

Exterior of Racine Kawaramachi

Exterior of Racine Kawaramachi

Racine Kawaramachi is a truly freshly built property in a good location that has “everything you need” and is densely packed in a good way that is typical of Osaka.

Racine Kawaramachi room interior information

Racine Kawaramachi Entrance

The wooden entrance increases your excitement.

Racine Kawaramachi delivery box

The overall black tone makes it look mature.

Racine Kawaramachi living room

Wood-grain tiles give a sense of cleanliness and spaciousness.

Racine Kawaramachi living room 2

This counter looks nice

Racine Kawaramachi bedroom image

1LDK type also has a bedroom.

Racine Kawaramachi Storage

There seems to be plenty of storage space as well.

Racine Kawaramachi Icchin

Induction cooker type kitchen

Racine Kawarayacho Kitchen back

The wood grain feels nice, and you can cook while talking face-to-face with people in the living room.

Racine Kawaramachi Bathroom

For a bathroom with a sense of unity

Racine Kawaramachi washroom space

The bathroom also looks nice.

Racine Kawaramachi Living

Bright and clean view from the entrance

Racine Kawaramachi response
Racine Kawaramachi

All equipment is available…

Basic information about Racine Kawaramachi

■Basic information about Racine Kawaramachi

  • 👑Rent👑: 63,000 yen ~ (Please contact us for details)
  • ⭐️Floor plan⭐️: 1K (Western 7)
  • ✅Number of square meters✅: 22.93㎡ (example)
  • 🏖Area🏖: Chuo Ward
  • 🚃Nearest station🚃: Matsuyamachi/Nagahoribashi
  • access:
  • Osaka Metro Nagahori Tsurumi-ryokuchi Line Matsuyamachi 6 minutes walk
  • Osaka Metro Sakaisuji Line Nagahoribashi 11 minutes walk
  • Osaka Metro Tanimachi Line Tanimachi 6-chome 11 minutes walk
  • Year built: January 2023

Racine Kawaramachi map information


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Even in the 1ROOM type, there are different colors of interior wallpaper, so it actually feels somewhat spacious.
A comfortable single-person living with plenty of storage space and
a convenient location for anything you want to do.
Auto-lock, security camera, on-site trash storage available

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