A story about a middle-aged man who became younger by using the Daddy-Katsu app for the first time in three years.

ラブアン(love &)

I’m a humble middle-aged man (40’s)

I’m a middle-aged man who seems to be saying things like “I used to have fun in the past” and “Isn’t there any good entertainment?” these days. It’s been 10 years since we’ve been married, and we’ve been blessed with a child, so I feel really happy.
If we look at the world situation, we know that some people are facing war, and that there are some people who have no place to play.

However, if you look above , it is true that there are many people around you who are earning more money and having more fun than others.

I want to be like that too! At that time, I was mainly venting my sexual desire through adult entertainment and maintaining a work-life balance.

“The town is gradually becoming more vibrant and the young people seem to be having fun. It’s a good thing.”

The image is an image

The long and severe coronavirus pandemic has been lowered to Category 5, and the city has returned to its liveliness.
Sometimes I feel nostalgic for the days when the flow of people was restricted.

As more and more foreign travelers are seen, it’s common to see them happily drinking glasses on the terrace seats.
When you hear young people having fun, you want to have fun too.


There has been a change in me over the past three years.Is it a good thing or a bad thing?

If I recall correctly, three years ago, I was still in my 30s…sometimes I went to clubs and drank until the morning.

However, due to “that same thing”, I haven’t been to such places much in the past three years. I watch movies and cook at home…I continue to go out, but I do recreational activities such as camping and fishing that are not crowded.

It’s fun, but part of me wonders if it’s a good idea to do this all the time.

Is it because of my heart that I want to go outside?

Going fishing, looking at nature, catching wild fish…cooking and eating the fish you caught…
it’s a wonderful experience. “If you want to be happy for the rest of your life, learn to fish…” Our ancestors often said. I think you will be filled with a sense of happiness as well as a pleasant feeling of tiredness.

It is undeniably wonderful to be able to get away from the world and become one with nature, but sometimes people are conflicted. You will realize that in spite of the hustle and bustle, your snobbish desires will emerge.

My pussy was aching for some reason…
That was the moment I realized that after three years of abstinence, I wanted to release the sexual desire I had been holding back.

To satisfy your desires right now

Is this what a “responsible generation” means?

But I can’t travel (I’m busy)
and my work is getting busier (I can’t escape)
I’m forced to work like a workhorse at home and at work (I’m chasing me)

At this age, I think you start to feel overwhelmed with “things you need to do” just by living a normal life every day. Because even when we were stuck at home during the pandemic not so long ago, we still had work to do.

It was originally what I wanted, but it can be said that it is a characteristic of our generation that we spend our days working for something, and spending our days being chased by something.

I think we in our 30s and 40s are working hard with a sense of responsibility, fueled by the sense of mission we felt when we were young: “To make the future of people and things around us a little bit brighter.” But I feel a bit tired. I don’t even feel like it.

I don’t feel like being popular, but I want to be popular… What should I do about this feeling?

I’ll do my best tomorrow, so I want to do something fun even just a little bit until tomorrow.

Would you like to take a break for just a moment?

I don’t have the luxury of going to the amateur industry, and sex work won’t satisfy me.
I don’t really get excited when it comes to adult entertainment.

I don’t like erotic videos!
I’m going to work tomorrow, so I’m telling you to let me play with you just for a while.

A ray of light came to me as I went about my daily life.I
saw an article with good news.

One day while I was spending my time like that, I received a message from a friend.

“Do you know about “love&”? It’s a dad-hunting app, but I was able to meet some really cute girls.”

For some reason, I was attracted to the message that my friend sent me out of the blue, along with a photo of what appeared to be the girl I had just met, and the fact that it was sent just after work . Looking back, this was the first time I encountered the keyword “dad life.”

Dad activity app?
Is it some kind of matching app?
Now that I think about it, I also remembered that I installed the matching app about 3 years ago and left it alone and haven’t touched it since.

《In the past three years, I have turned into my 40s…I am at the age where I can truly be called a father.》

Because of this, I decided to look into “Love&” and the Daddy Activity app after hearing this message.

What is the dad activity app?

I found this page while researching Labuan (love&). I also wrote about my life as a father in detail.

Hmm, there seems to be a lot of excitement about dad-hunting apps. It’s new that it feels like it’s getting a lot of attention from women.

So I decided to put it in.

Love An (love&)

How about together, Labuan?

Labuan (love&) features, prices, basic information, etc.

I found this page while researching Labuan (love&). I also wrote about my life as a father in detail.

Results of trying Labuan (love&)

I met it on the day I used it! 

The image is an image.

My life has become HAPPY since I met you at Love &.

I suddenly started having fun.Thanks to that, my work is going well.
*For some reason, I also get good reviews from younger employees.

I feel like I have more energy and rejuvenation in my daily life.

*The image of P-katsu girls has changed, and
the image of P-katsu itself has changed.

Labuan is recommended

Once again, I found out that Labuan is a recommended app for dads.
To find out more about the characteristics of Labuan, please refer to the article below.
Functions, features, and how to join are explained in detail.

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