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We will introduce basic information (characteristics, location, famous spots, and reviews) about nightlife spots in Minami.


Osaka Minami is the largest downtown area in Japan in terms of number of people and size.

Osaka Minami area

Minami is a general term for the downtown and entertainment district of Chuo Ward, Osaka City.
One of Osaka’s most representative downtown areas is the Minami area.
Minami is made up of four central areas: Namba, Shinsaibashi, Dotonbori, and Sennichimae. From there, the area spreads out like a fan. The Osaka Minami area stretches from the area around Namba Station in the south, to Nihonbashi, where Kuromon Market is located in the east, and to the Horie area, where vintage clothing stores and popular cafes are located in the west.

“Kita” is an area centered around Umeda Station, and is lined with buildings and has a sophisticated atmosphere, whereas “Minami” has a downtown atmosphere and a sense of humanity, which can be said to be the overall characteristic of the Minami area. It has good transportation links, including access from Kansai International Airport, and can be said to be a city that receives a lot of traffic from both domestic and international tourists.

About the characteristics of Minami area by area

Dotonbori area

The Dotonbori area can be called the center of the Minami area. It is said to have originated from merchants who did business in the Minamisenba area near Shinsaibashi, who would go out to play around Dotonbori.

Dotonbori is a food and live entertainment area

Dotonbori is the center of food and live entertainment.
Dotonbori is the center of food and live entertainment.

Performing arts existed as a pastime for merchants, and many theaters like Broadway were built. Traditional Japanese performing arts such as Kabuki, Ningyo Joruri, and Gidayu are said to have originated in Osaka, also known as Kamigata. Following that trend, the Dotonbori area is still home to various theaters such as Osaka Shochiku-za, National Bunraku Theater, and Namba Grand Kagetsu, and is a popular entertainment center.

About the origin of Dotonbori

The name Dotonbori comes from Yasui Doton, who used his personal property to dig the river in the 17th century.

Dotonbori tourist attractions

Dotonbori Street is lined with shops of various genres on both sides, and is bustling with people all year round.
There are many restaurants along the Dotonbori River, and you can also enjoy cruising along the river.

  • Osaka Shochikuza
  • National Bunraku Theater
  • Tombori River Walk

Basic information about Dotonbori

addressDotonbori, Chuo Ward, Osaka City
telephone number06-6211-4542 (Dotonbori Shopping Association Secretariat) FAX: 06-6211-9764
accessClose to Osaka Metro Midosuji Line, Sennichimae Line, Yotsubashi Line, Kintetsu, Nankai “Namba Station”

Shinsaibashi area

The Shinsaibashi area is located in Chuo Ward, Osaka City, sandwiching Midosuji Street from east to west. It’s in an area about 1km north of Dotonbori.

Shinsaibashi is the center of shopping

The Shinsaibashi area can be said to be the most suitable town for shopping in the Minami area.
The Shinsaibashi-suji shopping street is lined with countless shops, and Americamura to the west is a hotspot for fashion, music, and other trends among teenagers. If you go a little farther, you’ll also find Horie, which has stylish cafes and sophisticated shops. There is also a large underground shopping mall, Crysta Nagahori, which connects to Nagahoribashi Station, which has access to Kyoto and Kansai International Airport.

Along Midosuji Street, there are many boutiques of world-famous brands, which is impressive.

Sightseeing spots in the Shinsaibashi area

Midosuji, a major transportation hub in Osaka, is lined with ginkgo trees on both sides, creating a dynamic scene similar to Rue Saint-Gelier in Paris, and the autumn leaves, when the ginkgo trees change color, are a sight to behold. This is the scenery.

  • Midosuji
  • American village
  • Sankaku Park
  • Shinsaibashisuji shopping street

In addition, the west side of Shinsaibashi, Amerikamura, is a center of youth culture and is packed with fashion, miscellaneous goods, and vintage clothing shops. There are also performances and a flea market at Sankaku Park.

Shinsaibashi is characterized by its lively shopping district.

Basic information about Shinsaibashi

address1-2-chome Shinsaibashisuji, Chuo-ku, Osaka
telephone number06-6211-1114 (Shinsaibashisuji Shopping District Promotion Association)
access1 minute walk from Shinsaibashi Station on the Subway Midosuji Line and Nagahori Tsurumi-ryokuchi Line

Namba area

Nankai Namba Station and Osaka Takashimaya
What you can see in the background is Nankai Namba Station and Osaka Takashimaya. Also famous as a meeting place

The Namba area can be called the center of the Minami area.
Refers to the downtown area around Namba Station (Nankai Namba Station) and Osaka Namba Station (Kintetsu/Hanshin Namba Station), and is also a terminal station for Nankai Electric Railway, which connects Kansai International Airport, and is a terminal that has access from various railways. is always crowded with people.

Sightseeing spots in Namba area

The Namba area, where many people come and go, has an atmosphere like a melting pot.
Osaka Takashimaya, which has high value as an international building, is also a very famous meeting spot. Namba Grand Kagetsu is famous nationwide as the center of Japan’s proud comedy culture.
There are also many movie theaters in the area, and the Namba Parks commercial complex also has a large movie theater with many seats.

  • Namba Grand Kagetsu
  • Osaka Takashimaya
  • Namba Parks

Basic information about Namba area

address5-1-60 Namba, Chuo-ku, Osaka (Namba CITY)
telephone number06-6644-2960
accessDirectly connected to Nankai “Namba Station”, right after getting off at Osaka Metro Midosuji Line/Sennichimae Line “Namba Station”/Kintetsu “Namba Station”

About Sennichimae area

The most historic area in the Minami area is the Sennichimae area. Although it has a long history, it has a large concentration of movie theaters, theaters, and restaurants, and there is Hozenji Yokocho, which is reminiscent of the vestiges of the past.

The atmospheric cobblestone Hozenji Yokocho was once the subject of a novel.

About the origin of Sennichimae

The name Sennichimae comes from the fact that the nearby Hozenji Temple used to perform sennichimae.
Sennichi Eko is a nenbutsu memorial service where visiting the shrine once is said to have the same effect as visiting the shrine for 1,000 days. For this reason, Hozenji Yokocho is lined with Jizo statues, and Hozenji Temple was once called Sennichiji Temple, giving it a chic atmosphere.

Sightseeing spots in Sennichimae

Hozenji Yokocho

couple zenzai

Basic information about Sennichimae

addressSennichimae 1-2-chome, Chuo-ku, Osaka
telephone number06-6211-4542 (Dotonbori Shopping Association Secretariat) FAX: 06-6211-9764


Enjoy the city of Minami according to your purpose

It is a famous downtown area in the Minami area, and it is said to be one of the largest in the world in terms of number of people and size. You can enjoy shopping, eating, drinking, history, and experiences in each area. There are also restaurants lined up in every area.

If you try to go through all of them, no matter how many years you have, won’t it be enough?

Knowing the atmosphere of each area will help you enjoy the Osaka Minami area to the fullest!