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8 recommended women’s customs in Osaka Minami! Introducing quality shops where you can experience sexual massage by Ikepi


In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of women’s sex shops in the Osaka area. I often get lost…
There are portal sites with lists, but when choosing a shop, you want to know more about whether the shop will fulfill your hobbies and tastes.

Kaikan is a portal site where you can find sex shops for women all over Japan, although it is also listed outside of Osaka.

This time, we would like to introduce women’s entertainment shops that we recommend when you visit the Minami area of ​​Osaka for sightseeing, travel, or business.

【Osaka Minami Edition】Recommended Brothels for Women When Visiting for Sightseeing or Business

I think there are many people who come to the Osaka area for sightseeing, travel, or business.
The Minami area is dotted with many dining areas and leisure spots, and after playing, there are many people who would like to stay nearby…it’s convenient, isn’t it?

Most of the women’s entertainment establishments that have been increasing recently are non-storefront type. A non-store style women’s entertainment industry is one in which you select the style and concept of the establishment and the therapist of your choice from the website, then call the establishment and meet with the therapist.

Of course, it is also possible to have them come to your hotel.
In the Osaka Minami area, one of Japan’s leading entertainment districts, the number and types of sex clubs for women are very diverse. It is possible to use women’s customs
very conveniently .

However, while it is good that there are many sex shops for women, it is quite difficult to find the best one among them.

From a certain portal site that is also used by men. 34 stores were hits for women’s entertainment

[Selection points for recommended women’s entertainment shops in Minami, Osaka] We have
carefully compared and picked up the following three points.

  • Is it safe and secure to use?
  • Is it a reliable store?
  • Will I be able to meet the best guy?

I tried picking it up.

Recommended sex shops for women in Minami, Osaka

This time, when using a sex shop for women in the Osaka Minami area, it is
“safe and secure to use”, “reliable (there are many registered therapists who come to you immediately)” and “you can meet the best Ikepi (hobbies and tastes)”. From three points:
We will introduce recommended sex shops for women

Recommended sex shop for women in Osaka Minami 1 Osaka secret base

Ikemen Therapist = Short for Ikepi, Ikeike is a secret base in Osaka.

In addition to being well-known nationwide, the Osaka secret base has a Johnny’s-like atmosphere that seems to be able to meet Ikepi. If you are a first-time user, just looking at the website and looking at the atmosphere, you may be confused by the number of cool people.

Store name Osaka secret base
address not listed
telephone number080-4700-2732
Reception time11:00~4:00 the next day
Official websitehttps://go-kichi.com/osaka

Recommended sex shop for women in Osaka Minami 2 Osaka Mantendo

Osaka Mantendo is well-known and a must-see for women’s sex lovers.

Mantendo is a brothel for women that has stores all over the country besides Osaka. The overwhelming number of employees, high service spirit, and safe and secure management system have something to learn from any women’s customs.

Store name Osaka Mantendo
address not listed
telephone number070-4096-4649
Reception time 24 hour reception
Official websitehttps://mantendo-tokyo.com/osaka/

3 recommended sex shops for women in Minami, Osaka Cinderella Time osaka

This is a shop with a lot of therapists who look a bit masculine.

A women’s sex shop that gives the impression that there are many tolerant adults in their 20s and 30s.

Store name Cinderella Time osaka
address not listed
telephone number080-2461-5906
Reception time 24 hour reception
Official websitehttps://cinderella-time.com/top

Recommended Brothels for Women in Osaka Minami 4 Strawberry Boys Osaka

A shop that gives the impression that there are many cool people in their 20s with a sweet impression.

It is a sex shop for women with the concept of Ichaama. Impression that there are many therapists in their 20s and there are many newcomers.

Store nameStrawberry Boys Osaka store
addressnot listed
telephone number050-5491-3991
Reception time24 hour reception
Official websitehttps://sutoroberrys-osaka.com/

5 recommended sex shops for women in Osaka Minami Cambria Osaka

Cambria Osaka is known for its reasonable prices.

Cambria Osaka is a sex shop for women where you can have fun at a reasonable price.
Stores that are expanding all over the country. Reservations can be made from the form, but it seems better to check in advance about the enrollment in Osaka.

Store nameCambria Osaka
addressnot listed
telephone number0120164115
Reception time24 hour reception
Official websitehttps://camblia.com/

6 recommended brothels for women in Minami, Osaka Mushroom


An adult entertainment shop for women operating in the Minami area. Although the number of employees is small, there seems to be a chance to become a handsome therapist in his 20s or 30s. Couple courses available. For those who are a little used to it, we recommend a shop like this if you want to casually enjoy adult entertainment for women.

Store namemushroom
addressnot listed
telephone number090-5248-1919
Reception time24 hour reception
Official websitehttps://mush-room.club/

7 MEN’S OSAKA Recommended Sex Shops for Women in Minami, Osaka

MEN’S OSAKA has even been ranked number one on a certain portal site.

From Johnny’s to EXILE’s wild type, salty face, Korean wave type, etc.. You can find the striking type of Ikepi that suits you at this cool women’s sex shop. There are stores in Tokyo and Osaka. When making a reservation for the therapist you are looking for, please inquire in advance to confirm.

Store nameMEN’S OSAKA
addressnot listed
telephone number06-6232-8269
Reception time24-hour reception (10 a.m. to 6 a.m. the next day)
Official websitehttps://mensosaka.net/top

8 recommended sex shops for women in Osaka Minami CANDY OSAKA

Have a sweet moment like CANDY “CANDY OSAKA”

It is a women’s customs where there are many older brothers who let you spend a sweet time.
It is a sex shop for women that carefully selects black-haired and reliable handsome therapists.

addressnot listed
telephone number050-5369-5686
Reception time24-hour reception (10 a.m. to 6 a.m. the next day)
Official websitehttps://candy-osaka.com/

[For men] How to work in women’s customs?

In order to become a therapist at a sex shop for women, it is possible to pave the way to becoming a therapist, mainly by inquiring directly from the website or via the recruitment portal site.
Although it is mainly sexual work, it is also a work for women, so it is a work that asks for subtle sense and consideration as to how much healing can be given.
This site posts job openings for men who want to work in the adult entertainment industry.

I want to know more about the sex industry for men


I looked into what’s popular about women’s entertainment.

Is it popular!?

Howto first osaka sex shop


It is a sexual desire that is not limited to men and women, but in recent years, the number of women’s sex shops that can be used in the Osaka Minami area has increased. This time, we have selected 8 recommended sex shops for women.
There are only shops where you can play safely and with peace of mind.
This can be said for the adult industry as a whole, but in order to enjoy the whole female sex industry with peace of mind, it
is recommended that both the therapist and the customer should play with morals and moderation. Follow the rules and use a women’s sex shop safely and securely.