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Recommended ways to enjoy the night in Osaka to the fullest


Where should I go at night in Osaka?
After staying in Shinsaibashi or Namba in the Minami area, checking in, and unloading your luggage, what do you do?
Normally, you can check in at a hotel from around 3pm, so you can take a break and check in around 5pm. In the summer, it is usually bright until after 7pm in Osaka, but from autumn to winter the bright hours gradually become shorter, and during the shortest day of the year, called the “winter solstice”, the sun shines before 5pm. so that it sinks. (Sunset in 2023 is December 22nd at 16:52).

How to enjoy the night in Osaka Minami

The Minami area is Japan's leading entertainment district.

Why not enjoy sightseeing in Osaka even more by mastering Osaka’s nightlife, which takes up a large portion of your time between check-in and check-out?

In the Osaka Minami area, which is Japan’s leading entertainment district, there are many shops that are open at night, and many that are open from night. The Minami area is said to have a thriving nightlife compared to Osaka’s other entertainment district, Kita, and locals living in nearby cities of Osaka often come to the Minami area, each with their own hobbies and preferences. I enjoy a nightlife that suits me.

Osaka is the “nation’s kitchen”

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Around the 16th century, Osaka once lived during the Warring States period, and it is said that Toyotomi Hideyoshi, who unified Japan, built Osaka Castle and collected delicious food from all over the country. Because of this, it came to be known as the “nation’s kitchen.”
Since then, Osaka has continued to develop as a center for goods and trade in addition to food, and even today, as the second largest city in the country, it is one of the nation’s leading gourmet cities where you can enjoy food from all over the country. Even within Osaka, the Minami area is famous for being a lively city until the morning.

The Minami area is one of Japan’s leading entertainment districts.There’s more to enjoy than just eating and drinking…

The Minami area is one of Japan's leading entertainment districts.There's more to enjoy than just eating and drinking...

In everyday life, the only thing you do after returning home is “meal”. It’s different. In your room, you can watch TV or play games during family get-togethers…the
Minami area has many entertainment temptations waiting for you.
That’s why Tora Guide’s catchphrase is “buy (eat), play, see.”
It would be a waste to go out into the night from the hotel, eat dinner, and then go back to the hotel. But wandering around the city at night with few lights in a stranger’s city for the first time? I think it’s a lot of anxiety to do that.

Tora Guide will introduce you to shops where you can enjoy safe, secure and satisfying services during your nightlife.

Examples of how to enjoy nightlife (in the case of a bar)

I think there are many people who want to have a leisurely drink after a meal.
In addition, we introduce recommended bars in the Minami area for those who want to relax first to fully enjoy the night.

Osaka nightlife

The SEX industry is “adult entertainment” in Japanese (FU-ZOKU)

Even if you can satisfy your appetite at a restaurant and your desire for sleep at a hotel, it is a natural phenomenon for humans to want to satisfy their sexual desire, another of the three major human desires, while traveling.

At such times, we use shops and services where we can receive sexual services, which is called “Fuzoku” (FU-ZOKU) in Japan.

There are many different genres of entertainment

There are many different genres of entertainment

There are so many detailed services and types of sexual shops and services in Japan that it is no exaggeration to say that they are a microcosm of Japanese culture. We will introduce the world of “Japanese erotic” in detail.

Enjoy Japan’s light life safely and securely

・First of all, know the rules
・Know the detailed types of services
・Let’s follow manners

It’s not enough just to eat and stay the night!
This is the “nightlife” that we recommend to enjoy your trip to Osaka Minami to the fullest.
We will introduce night leisure activities that brightly color Osaka’s nights.
Many of the night leisure shops and services are open during the day. Learn about the nightlife and enjoy Minami even more

“10 recommended SEXSHOPs for nightlife in Osaka to fully enjoy the night”
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