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A nightclub where you can meet cute girls in Minami, Osaka, where locals secretly go.


Where is the cute girl?

When men come to Osaka on a trip, they are likely to be captivated by the cute girls in the Osaka Minami area.

There are various ways to meet cute girls in the Minami area.

Types of cute iko depending on location

The Osaka Minami area consists of the Shinsaibashi and Namba areas, and I think anyone who has traveled there will notice that the types of girls that appear in the area are different depending on the area.

Do girls’ fashion, make-up, age groups, and atmosphere differ depending on the Minami area?

The answer is yes. Even in the Minami area, there are many girls coming home from work or well-dressed girls in areas where there are many companies, and in areas where there are many live music venues, there are girls with rock style or girls who look like they came out of an anime. There are also many girls.
In the area called “Denden Town”, which is a sacred place for otaku, there are many girls who look like maids and girls who appear in manga, and in the Higashi-Shinsaibashi and Soemon-cho areas, where many cabaret clubs and lounges have opened, there are many style There are many young and energetic girls.

In this way, we will teach you how to capture the girls you encounter in the Minami area, which spans a wide variety of girl types and areas.

get a girl at a nightclub

If you’re a guy who likes music or girls who like to party, we recommend trying to meet girls at nightclubs.
There are many nightclubs in the Minami area, but the popular nightclubs, the genres of girls, and the number of girls who come and go vary depending on the genre of music being played, popular events, and DJs appearing.

There are different times of the day when it’s most exciting and you can casually talk to girls, so check out the types of nightclubs where you can meet the most popular girls.