osaka nightlife

Introducing ways to really enjoy nightlife in the Osaka Minami area


What do you imagine when you think of nightlife?

nightlife image
nightlife image
Introducing ways to have a truly enjoyable night out

A drinking party where people drink alcohol and make a lot of noise? A bar tour where you can slowly smoke a glass. It may be a good idea to relax and enjoy a delicious meal.

In Japan, which has four seasons, the period called “autumn” from August to December is the hottest season of the year and the nights are long.

According to Tiger’s interpretation, autumn is the season for nightlife.

There is an old Japanese word for “autumn nights”, and in the past, people
used to go out at night in the imperial court to enjoy the quiet time of the night by “gazing at the moon” or “composing songs.” .

However, in the current Tora Guide, which supports nightlife in Minami, we would like to introduce you to another nightlife. Next, I would like to introduce the latest nightlife spots in the Osaka Minami area, categorized by the way you want to play.