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What kind of app is Love&? Introducing usage and features


It’s been a while since matching apps have been around, but the most important thing to do in order to meet the type of person you like is to
use a matching app that you can use .

This is because the mechanism of the matching app itself is the same for all matching apps: after entering your profile and your photo profile and starting, you press “Like” for a person of the opposite sex, press “Like” for the opposite sex, and if you press “Like”, you are matched and the interaction starts. This is because the most fundamentally important thing is whether there is a type of person who likes the app.

Review the basics of matching apps

What was originally called a matching app is now divided into different purposes, and the names are classified according to each genre.

■Types and purposes of matching apps

  1. Matchmaking app: A matching app used by people who want to start a serious relationship within 3 years.
  2. Dad-katsu app: A matching app for finding dads who can have meals or dates with men and receive an allowance in return.
  3. Free drinking app – A matching app where a matched woman can go to a place where multiple men are having a good time drinking and have fun together within a certain time.

To find a good matching app

It’s important which matching app you use

Although know-how for matching and tips for meeting people are often introduced, the selection of matching apps is currently left up to each individual.

Just like if you cast a fishing line in a place where there are no fish, you won’t catch a single one.If you use a
bad app (an app that is only filled with cherry blossoms due to depopulation), you won’t be able to meet any fish at all, which is a shame because it will only cost you the effort and monthly fee. You end up with a bad result.

What are the key points to instantly identify a good matching app?

Key points to identify bad matching apps

  • When I first installed it, I got likes even though I didn’t do anything.
  • The number of people of the opposite sex who last logged in within 24 hours is small.
  • Support response is slow due to identity verification, etc. No response for more than 24 hours
  • I have seen the displayed opposite sex somewhere before.
  • App crashes often

Key points to recognize a good matching app

  • Quick response when verifying identity
  • The opposite sex changes frequently every time I start it up.
  • App updates are also performed with every iPhone update.
  • Last login time is short
  • Timely responses to messages from the opposite sex
  • Convenient features are added frequently.

Matching apps that have been running for a long time are well known and have many registered users, but it is also important to know how many people of the opposite sex have logged in recently.

We recommend a dad-hunting app called Love&.

Love & is a matching site suitable for fathers.The dad-hunting site has many popular and good-looking female members, and many of the male users are relatively wealthy.“What are the actual prices, reputation, and usage of Labuan (Love&)?” We will explain the following.

  • Characteristics of Labuan (Love&)
  • Basic usage of Labuan (Love&)
  • Labuan (Love&) gender age group
  • Labuan prices
  • Labuan’s “time now” function
  • Labuan reputation
  • Labuan safety

What kind of app is Love&?

Price (male/female)Men: 5000 yen/month Women: Completely free
Membership attributesPurpose of being a dad
Age group/male ratio20s to 50s Male to female ratio: 5:5
Operating companyBlueborn Co., Ltd.
Membership1.8 million people

Labuan (Love&) has various functions, so it is easy to find the opposite sex of your choice, and it is especially easy to receive instructions from men.It’s the most popular dad-hunting app right now, so it also has a high chance of matching!

More than 80% of the women are in their 20s and many of them are good-looking, and they are looking for financial support.

There are many men who are financially comfortable and want to pay their allowance and have fun with women.

If the conditions suit each other, the relationship will begin with a face-to-face meeting.

This service is suitable for men and women who:Recommended for these women

  • Those who want to receive financial support
  • I want to meet upper-class men that I don’t usually meet.

Recommended for men like this

  • I want to meet a good-looking woman
  • I want to meet a woman soon
  • I want to play with it

Love& is recommended for the above men and women.

Basic information about Labuan (Love&)

Operating companyBluebors Co., Ltd.
Fee[Female] Completely free
[Male] Gold member: 5,980 yen/month / Platinum member: 17,800 yen/month
*Now you can try 5,980 yen per month for 600 yen
Age group[Male] 30s to 50s [Female] 20s to 30s
gender ratioprivate
How to registertelephone number
Service formSmartphone/Web

Excerpt based on information from official website

Males are in their 30s to 50s, while females are in their 20s to 30s.

There are a lot of profile scams, and when I actually saw it, it was different from the image.

In the past, with matching apps, there was a time when profile fraud was rampant, in which people falsified their profiles more than necessary in order to promote matching through Sakura and charging people of the opposite sex.
Processing apps have also evolved, so if you feel like it, you can easily create a profile image of a completely different person.

Labuan (Love&) seems to be a service where meeting up is the main premise, and when I tried meeting with them using the “first time trial plan”, I didn’t find any women whose profiles were fraudulent.

Problems such as complaints and reports are not properly handled.

There are surprisingly many opportunities to interact with the management when using a matching app. In addition to the speed of response when verifying identity and the response to reports of harassment, there are also experiences where trustworthiness has dropped significantly due to the speed and content of responses when making inquiries.

I actually used Love&’ s “Initial Trial Plan” to verify my identity at night, but when I sent a false identity verification document as a trial, I was immediately notified that the identity verification had failed. I was able to complete the second authentication immediately after submitting the correct identity verification documents.

There were no active members of the opposite sex.

When using a matching app, I think the most common reason to think, “Oh, let’s quit…” is due to the lack of active members of the opposite sex, a phenomenon known as depopulation.

Can you really meet a good girl? After actually using
Labuan (Love&) ‘s “First Time Trial Plan”, I found that there are about 10 active people in the same area at any given time, and it’s not an extremely large number, nor is it an extremely small number of people logging in within 24 hours. was doing. Furthermore, we actually exchanged emails, and everyone responded quickly (I got the impression that they often returned within 10 minutes), and I got the impression that there were a lot of active members of the opposite sex.

I met the person I was interested in

On the contrary, this is what I want, so I want it to happen a lot.

I actually tried Labuan (Love&) with the “first trial plan” and was able to match and meet someone on the same day! However, I was a dad.
Her profile wasn’t a scam and she had a perfect naive personality, so I can truly say that I met the person of my dreams!

Labuan (Love&) ‘s “Initial trial plan” is enough for 500 yen!

How to use and features of Labuan (Love&)

I think there are some people who are considering using Labuan, so I
will explain the basic usage of Labuan (Love&).

  • sign up
  • How to withdraw

From new registration

First, please visit the Labuan official website.

Try Labuan (Love&) right now

  1. Click “Register in 30 seconds”.
  2. Check the “Terms of Use” and “Privacy Policy”, then click “Agree everything and get started”.
  3. Select gender.
  4. Enter your date of birth.
  5. Select your annual income.
  6. Enter the email address required for notifications and login.
  7. Enter your password. *Please be sure to take note of it.
  8. Enter your nickname. *It is best to avoid using your real name
  9. Select the area where you live.
  10. Enter your height. *There is no problem even if you add a little amount.
  11. Enter assets. *This is optional, so there is no problem if you skip it without entering it.
  12. Enter your occupation.
  13. Enter your daily date budget. *You can safely choose around 50,000 yen.
  14. Enter your marital status.
  15. Enter the purpose of the relationship.
  16. Enter your own system.
  17. Link only if you want notifications to be sent via LINE.
  18. Enter a simple self-introduction. It is common to list your hobbies, residence, occupation, etc.
  19. Finally, register your photo to complete your new registration.

Characteristics of Labuan (Love&)

Love &, a dating site for dads, has unique features that allow you to efficiently find your ideal partner.

The popular Labuan (Love&) has the following characteristics:

  • You can meet the ideal person that you would never normally meet.
  • You can feel safe because you can talk online before meeting.
  • You can use videos as your profile photo

Characteristic concept of Labuan (Love&) You can meet the ideal person that you would never normally meet.

Most of the female members of Love& are in their 20s, and some of them are active models, and they have a reputation for good looks.

On other matching apps, there may be some men who are having trouble because there are not many women they like, and there are no women they want to attack.

At Labuan, there are many women of various genres such as neat older ladies, idols, gals, and half-Japanese, so you can find your ideal woman.

For male users, the basic annual income is 6 million yen or more, and many wealthy men use it.

Some men will take you to high-end restaurants or luxury hotels because they can afford it.

Women who want to experience something out of the ordinary can have men take them there, so there are benefits for women as well.

Since there are many such users, it will not be difficult to meet your ideal partner.Want to try Labuan now?

Try Labuan (Love&) right now

When you match in Labuan and go to a love hotel…

Basic rules for love hotels

Characteristic concept of Labuan (Love&) You can call online before meeting so you can feel safe

Labuan (Love&) has a face-to-face online call function called “KoiQ”, so you can rest assured that you will not fall victim to photo fraud.

It often happens that a profile picture is posted, but the person you actually met was a different person.

Editing apps have become mainstream, so you may be fooled by overly edited photos.

However, if you use Labuan’s “KoiQ” function, you can video chat, so you can see the other person without any processing.

You are less likely to feel depressed if you don’t feel like your type after you meet.

Use Love&’s “KoiQ” to efficiently find your ideal partner.Want to try Labuan now?

Try Labuan (Love&) right now

Characteristic concept of Labuan (Love&) Video can be used as a profile photo

Basically, matching apps require you to register a photo in your profile.

However, Labuan allows you to register videos to your profile.

There is a lot of competition for women, so videos can help you differentiate yourself.

Videos give a more realistic feel, so men can feel closer to you, making it easier to match.

Also, men can see their true faces without being fooled by processed images of women, making it easier to find the woman of their dreams.

These days, short videos are the norm on social networking sites, so videos are more familiar, so the matching rate is higher.

When using Labuan (Love&), please make sure to also set a video in your profile.

About Labuan (Love&) user age group (male/female)

Some of you may be wondering, “What age group are the male users?” “What age group are the female users?”

We independently investigated the age groups of Labuan’s male and female users, so we will introduce the age groups of Labuan’s male and female users.

Most male users of Love& are in their 30s and 40s.

18-24 years oldTen%
25-34 years old11%
35-44 years old30%
45-54 years old35%
55-64 years old14%
65 years of age or older1%

Although there are male users between the ages of 10 and 30, the majority are between the ages of 35 and 54.

It makes sense because they are a generation that has a certain social status and is financially comfortable.

Most economically wealthy people pay attention to their appearance, so even older men are clean and good-looking.

Therefore, it is popular among women in their 20s. Women are also attracted to it because it has the leeway of an adult.

Labuan (Love&) female age group

18-19 years old15%
20-24 years old42%
25-29 years old37%
Over 30 years old6%

Most of the female users of Love& are in their 20s.

It is understandable that such a result would occur since it has a reputation for having many good-looking women.

There are many young women who are aware of beauty and fashion trends, which makes them look attractive to men.

It is a dream for men to meet women in their 20s, a younger generation.

Many women in their 20s are financially unstable, so they need financial support for play expenses and self-investment.

So you can see why Labuan is popular among men who want to meet young women.

Labuan (Love&) pricing system It costs money to send and receive messages, but the trial plan is very cheap.

Men are charged a monthly fee.

  • free membership
  • gold plan
  • platinum plan

It is divided into three stages and the prices are as follows. Since it starts from 5,000 yen per month, it may be a relatively easy dad activity app to start.

free membership
Free forever
gold member
1 month3 months (20% OFF)12 months (35% OFF)
5,000 yen12,000 yen (save 3,000 yen)38,800 yen (21,200 yen savings)
platinum member
1 month3 months (22% OFF)12 months (33% OFF)
14,800 yen34,800 yen (save 9,600 yen)118,800 yen (save 58,800 yen)

As it is considered to be a service suitable for fathers, the fee for paid membership is set higher than other matching apps.

Membership grades tailored to men’s usage

To be able to match efficiently, it is recommended to become a Platinum member as it has excellent features. If you become a platinum member, the “VIP” icon will be displayed in search results for female users, which will help you promote yourself as a “fat dad.”

functionfree membershipgold memberplatinum member
Send a “like”Once a day5 times a dayunlimited
Send Messege×unlimitedunlimited
Advanced search function××
View number of reports××
View report details××
View number of messages××
View number of timeline posts××

Labuan (Love&) men’s trial plan is recommended: Gold plan available for 500 yen for 3 days

Want to try Labuan now?

Try Labuan (Love&) right now

Where will I be charged? How do I unsubscribe?

Where will Love & be charged?
You need to pay to send messages, and you almost have to pay to enjoy it! However, the 3-day “initial trial plan” is 500 yen.

The billing line is simple, and a paid plan is required when sending messages to women.

There are two types of paid plans: “Gold Membership” and “Platinum Membership.” If you become a Platinum Member, detailed searches and viewing limits are removed.

functionfree membershipgold memberplatinum member
Send a “like”Once a day5 times a dayunlimited
Send Messege×unlimitedunlimited
Advanced search function××
View number of reports××
View report details××
View number of messages××
View number of timeline posts××

How to withdraw from Labuan (Love&)
It is easy to withdraw from the trial membership, and there are no complicated procedures or restrictions.

[About how to withdraw your membership]
You can easily withdraw your membership by simply clicking “Withdraw” from My Page and then clicking “Done.” If you wish to cancel your membership, please follow the steps above.

Can love& be used as a daddy activity app from a woman’s perspective?

Labuan is completely free for women. So you can use it with confidence.

The following is the allowance market for dad life in Labuan.

meeting face to face5,000 yen to 10,000 yen
Meal/Drink10,000 yen to 20,000 yen
date10,000 yen to 30,000 yen
Adult (Horny)30,000 yen to 150,000 yen

This is the average allowance for dads in Labuan.

This is just a guideline, and we will discuss and decide based on mutual conditions.

Women can also make proposals and make decisions themselves, so be sure to negotiate well.

From a woman’s point of view, it is possible to earn enough money at the above market rate.

If the man is in a difficult financial situation, try to negotiate a little more allowance.

In many cases, women also agree to negotiate the price.

Love An (love &)

Reviews from women who have actually used Love&

After actually using it and trying it out, I thought it was a pretty good service (because there’s no app), including the functionality of Love&, the Sakura-free system, and the management system . What is going on?

Verification summary

Summary ( Is Love& trustworthy from a woman’s perspective?)

I looked into the reviews and found that there were almost no negative reviews about Labuan (Love&) , and there were many positive reviews! It seems to have received a lot of positive feedback from women, with some recommending it as the “royal app”!

An episode where a woman met the person she was interested in at Love&

I was able to find two regular members, so I withdrew from Labuan. She plans to reincarnate again when the time comes.
There are several PJ-chans that she wanted to meet, but she will close the shop for now.— Cloud Juuza P (@juuzaofcloud78) 

October 6, 2023

Even if you check their reputation on SNS, it seems that you are able to meet someone you are really interested in!

Frequently asked questions in Labuan (Love&)

Why doesn’t Labuan (Love&) have an app?
If you engage in a dad-hunting activity that requires you to give or receive money when you meet someone, you may not be able to publish the app due to the terms of use when publishing the app. You could say that Love& stands for “a service specializing in dad-related apps.”

Are there many Labuan (Love&) women?
Including the impressions of those who actually tried the trial plan, I got the impression that there were an overwhelming majority of women! Even if you look at the “Now Free” feature, there are always multiple women waiting in the center of Osaka (Namba area), and the women are very motivated! ? I felt something like that!

Labuan (Love&) Summary

I have summarized about Labuan (Love&) so far!
After actually trying it out, I realized that Love& is the perfect service for middle-aged men to meet through daddy activities!
Summary of recommended points in Labuan (Love&)

  • It’s a new service that specializes in dad activities, so participants can be active.
  • “Immediate function”, “Timeline function”, “Message save function”, etc., which support approaches from women, allow you to quickly match and have smooth conversations.
  • You can easily try the first trial plan for 500 yen for 3 days, and above all, you can enjoy it!

Want to try Labuan now?

Try Labuan (Love&) right now