fuzoku for woman

A guide to how to enjoy adult entertainment for women, even for first-timers


General usage of women-only entertainment venues

How can a woman who wants to use a women’s sex shop for the first time use a women’s sex shop? We have compared how to use each sex shop for women for first-time users.

How to use basic sex services for women

1.How to make a reservation

From Osaka Mantendo HP https://mantendo-tokyo.com/osaka/using.html

Reservation forms on the website or by calling the store are the most common methods.
Reservations from LINE have been increasing recently.

First of all, the customer will accept the reservation through the reservation form or over the phone. Not only can you make a reservation on the same day, you can also make a reservation up to two weeks in advance, and you will be assigned a therapist when you call.

2.Reservation confirmation

If you make a reservation online, you will receive a reservation confirmation via email (or SMS) from the restaurant.

3. Information just before use

As the time approaches, you will receive another confirmation from the store.
The therapist will contact you directly to confirm the meeting place and time on the day and the details of the treatment. (Optional without)
You can enjoy the thrill of working with a therapist.

4.Confirmation on the day

On the day of use, the customer will contact the store again to confirm the reservation.


In addition to exchanging emails in advance about what to wear on the day and meeting up with them, we will also meet with customers by phone on the day of the event without informing them of their numbers for those customers who have not exchanged emails in advance.
You can meet directly at the hotel, or we can travel to your home or hotel.


In the case of Mantendo, you pay the fee in advance at the time of meeting.

7. Start playing

After meeting, you will move to a hotel etc. and enjoy time with the therapist.

These steps are common when using non-store adult entertainment establishments, including those for men.
Based on the above process, even those who are using women’s entertainment for the first time can use it with confidence.

About the main services of women’s entertainment

The services offered by women’s sex shops seemed to be the same in each shop.

MassageTouch each other’s bodies and massage each other with oil massage. The content itself is not much different from a massage at a beauty salon, but it is a relaxing massage that leads to an erotic massage later.
erotic massageA massage that stimulates the genitals with your fingers. At first, we communicate with soft touch and eventually lead to ecstasy.
kissKisses and body touches such as nipples etc.
CunnilingusServices include direct lip service to the female genitals.
Other playsPlay with toys,
lotion play, etc.
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