If you want to enjoy ramen in Tsuruhashi after drinking, go to Naniwa Garlic Ramen Senpei.

Was Shime Ramen this delicious?

Coco Tsuruhashi, a famous Yakiniku restaurant that can be reached by just one train from UNIVA,
is becoming lively and lively again here in Tsuruhashi.

I chose the garlic ramen Shanpei to finish off my drink the other day💗

Add plenty of garlic for a light and flavorful soup👊💥

With thin straight noodles that you can sip comfortably Yes… the best! 💗


It’s been a long time since I ate ramen after drinking, my stomach is full, my chest is full

There was also a wait at the same time, probably because I felt the same way.

The store clerk is also cheerful.

Pleasant service even when drunk

With the quick and pleasant service 🥺, I was able to savor the joy of finishing my drink 👀 I will go again 💗

大河 (tiger)
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