MIXUE, China’s largest “cheap” milk tea shop, is now in the Osaka south area

There are long lines in China – what about in Japan? Answer: There was a line! ! ! !

The Shimanouchi area isn’t usually a busy area, but there was a long line…
It looked like a tapioca drink shop from China.

When I bought it and tried it, it was really delicious!

The staff also provides good service! (Default Chinese, but a stylish clerk) It’s lively (Isn’t Shimanouchi such a pop town?)

Best of all, it’s cheap.High-quality tapioca drinks are
now an endangered species, priced in the 300 yen range.

I also tried the soft serve ice cream♪

Yup, it’s so delicious. I have a feeling this will become popular soon♪ It should be a competition.