Minsheng Fried Rice Osaka branch, a popular Taiwanese fried rice specialty store in the Minami area


[Taiwanese fried rice specialty store that is popular in the Minami area]

Taiwanese fried rice specialty store “Minsheng Fried Rice” 🔥

A restaurant that focuses on the popular Taiwanese fried rice🏠

The location is on the north side of Shinsaibashi-suji shopping street (almost Honmachi).

You’ll be greeted by a Taiwanese-style yellow sign on the B1F, which may seem confusing, so you’ll be able to spot it right away.

The most popular item I received was “Beef Fried Rice” (1300 yen)

The chunky beef that appears with a thud and the fragrant smell will whet your appetite.

The flavor is similar to that of other countries, and the oily, thick fried rice is fragrant and grilled in large pieces.

Once again, the generous amount of beef is delicious.

Is just fried rice enough? I ate it like crazy and was full.

After finishing the meal, the founder, Mr. Huang, will greet you.

Satisfied with soup and curry 💌

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There are times when you just want to eat fried rice, right?

There seem to be a lot of Han-chan sets, so this is the store you want to use on a regular basis.