Akafuku Sakubi Mochi (Takashimaya Osaka store)

Akafuku’s “Akafuku Sakubi Mochi” can only be purchased on the 1st of every month.

I feel like it’s a lucky charm, so I buy it every month.

This October’s Saku-Nichimochi is excellent.It is “Chestnut Mochi”, which is associated with the important Chongyang Festival.

The ninth day of September in the lunar calendar is the Chrysanthemum Festival, the most important of the five festivals.
People drank sake topped with chrysanthemums, ate chestnut rice and chestnut sweets, celebrated the festival, and prayed for eternal youth and longevity.

The dough retains the texture of glutinous rice and is wrapped in flavorful chestnut bean paste, topped with candied chestnuts.

I felt autumn with the taste and aroma of chestnuts ♫

In addition to Akafuku, a department store underground gourmet restaurant located in the Takashimaya Osaka store where Akafuku is located, it is also a place where you can find out about Japanese sweets, Western sweets, and sweets.

It’s very fun

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