[Crêperie Alchon] Enjoy authentic French crepes in Namba 🎵


A very popular place to eat crepes in Namba 🎵 Creperie Altion

“Creperie Altion” is a crepe shop that has recently become very popular in the Namba area. “Creperie Altion” is a shop in Namba, which can be seen as littered with trash compared to the big city, and is marked by a bright yellow wall.

Crêperie Altion exterior

This is a popular restaurant where you can enjoy delicious crepes with an exciting appearance at first glance.

What is Crêperie Alchon?Japan’s first authentic crepe to be enjoyed in a classic Western-style building.

On the back streets of Namba, there is a cute little Western-style building with yellow walls and bricks that exudes a French flavor. Creperie Altion’s impressive building is a Western-style building built in 1952, with a warm wooden interior.The handrails of the stairs and the walls are decorated with motifs of grapes and ribbons, each carved by hand by the craftsmen of the time, each one inspired by France. It is a valuable item that cannot be made anymore.

The first floor of the Western-style building is a kitchen, and when you open the entrance door, the aroma of butter fills the room and makes you feel happy. Go up the small stairs to the 2nd and 3rd floors. In fact, there are hidden seats in the basement. Although it’s a little cramped, the warm interior will make you feel relaxed.

We decided to start Creperie Altion in Namba because of the authentic crepes we had tasted for the first time in France and the crepes we had eaten on street corners in Japan. Ever since I was shocked by the difference, my desire to convey the authentic taste of France has continued to grow, and Crêperie Alchon was born.From the website https://www.anjou.co.jp/shop/crepe/

Hot topic! Enjoy cute crepes and galette lunches

Crêperie Altion’s commitment

Crêperie Alchon’s specialty is recreating authentic French crepes right here in Namba, Osaka. Authentic French crepes include “crispy yet chewy and delicious” crepes, and are also characterized by “galettes”, which are salty side dishes.
They started this shop with the desire to offer “delicious” crepes and galettes that have a strong flour taste and are highly fragrant.

We are also very particular about our ingredients.

Commitment to Creperie Altion ingredients

  • Wheat ingredients carefully sourced from France
  • Commitment to unique blend of buckwheat flour for galettes
  • Commitment to French butter
  • Commitment to salt

One of the characteristics of authentic French crepes is the extraordinary attention to materials. After much trial and error, we aimed to create a crepe dough that is crispy and aromatic when baked, yet is chewy and delicious.We use French ingredients that are difficult to obtain, including French flour. Salt etc. are used.

The secret to the aroma and flavor that makes you feel delicious just by eating the skin, rather than the ingredients, seems to lie in the commitment to the ingredients.

Crepe ingredients trivia

A circular machine that bakes crepied crepes .

About the creperie
crepe baker

Butter Echire butter is a butter made from a specialty of the small village of Echire, with a population of about 3,000 people, in the Poitou-Charentes region facing the Atlantic Ocean in midwestern France.It has a mellow taste, and is characterized by its delicate and elegant taste. is.

French Guérande salt
Crêperie Alchon apparently uses Guérande salt from France.
In Guérande, a peninsula in Brittany, the skilled salt craftsmen “Paridier” continue to make carefully selected salt using the age-old traditional method using the power of the sun and wind.
It contains plenty of minerals and has a mellow salty taste that combines with the butter to create the perfect sweetness.

Authentic French crepes in Namba, Minami

It seems to be popular with tourists from all over Asia .

Close to Namba Station, look for the yellow shop

The location of Creperia Altion is located in a very convenient location, which can be said to be the center of the Namba area.

1 minute walk from Namba Walk exit B-16 from Namba subway station

You can get there in about 3 minutes from Namba Station on the Osaka Metro Midosuji Line. It’s right next to the arcade, so even when it rains, you can go to the store without getting wet.

How to get to Creperie Altion

How about a galette lunch where we are happy to be open all day? OK even if you are alone

Creperie Alchon

A great way to enjoy your trip is to have lunch at “Creperie Alchon”, a crepe and galette shop that I discovered locally in France.

You can fully enjoy galette, which is enjoyed as a side dish in France.

Crêperie Alchon also offers a lunch course (3pm to 5pm) that includes galette with soup and after-meal tea, so even first-timers can enjoy galette without hesitation. For an additional fee, you can also enjoy crepes.
Even one person can use it with confidence.

Lunch Lunch course (until 15:00 on weekdays, until 17:00 on weekends and holidays)

Alshon Lunch ¥1,480

Alshon Lunch ¥1,480

・Today’s soup
・Today’s galette (with salad) or main dish (with bread)
・Scented tea or coffee

Salad lunch ¥1,870

Salad lunch ¥1,870
  • Soup of the day 
    Salad with plenty of fresh vegetables
    Your favorite classic crepe or Alsion cake
    (can be changed to a special crepe for an additional ¥100)
    Flavored tea or coffee
Creperie lunch ¥1,980

Creperie lunch ¥1,980

  • Today’s soup
    Today’s galette or today’s main dish
    Today’s crepe or Alsion’s cake  ( can be changed to
     classic crepe for + ¥100, special crepe for + ¥200) Flavored tea or coffee

Brittany lunch ¥2,200

Brittany lunch ¥2,200
  • Soup of the day or appetizer with mini soup (+¥180)
    Galette of your choice or main dish of the day
    Classic crepe of your choice or Alshon cake
    (can be changed to special crepe for +¥100)
    Flavored tea or coffee

Dinner courses are also available from 15:00 on weekdays and 17:00 on weekends and holidays.

dinner course

Galette dinner ¥1,680

Galette dinner ¥1,680
  • ・Soup of the day ・Galette of your choice
    (can be changed to special galette for +180 yen) ・Scented tea or coffee

Creperie course ¥2,500

Creperie course ¥2,500
  • Today’s soup or appetizer 
    Your choice of galette or today’s main dish
    (can be changed to a special galette for an additional 180 yen)
    Your favorite crepe or Alshon’s cake
    (can be changed to a special crepe for an additional 100 yen)
    Flavored tea or coffee

Please come and enjoy our galettes and crepes for lunch or dinner.

Menu list

Seasonal special crepes and gared are also attractive.

March limited special Gared & Crepe

Asparagus, pollack potato, and mozzarella cheese galette Salmon and spring cabbage cream sauce ¥1,360

Strawberry Mont Blanc style crepe with fresh strawberry sauce ¥1,100

Eggs, mozzarella cheese, ratatouille topped with prosciutto. Special Gared with basil sauce and Parmesan cheese ¥1,300

Mentaiko potato and mozzarella roll galette with shrimp and mushrooms sautéed in lemon butter topped with mentaiko potato and mozzarella galette Shrimp and mushroom with lemon butter sauce ¥1,300

We have a very attractive limited time menu.

Takeout also

It is also possible to take out the standard menu items.

The most popular crepe for takeout is “a crepe made with French butter and sugar.” Please enjoy crepes while carrying it with you while shopping or sightseeing.

How to take out

1. Choose a take-out bag (you can choose a brown bag + handheld paper bag or plastic bag)
2. Choose a crepe or garred

There is also a branch in Tennoji

You don’t have time to go to the airport to go to Namba after going to Tennoji Zoo etc.
Even in such a case, there is another store of “Creperia Altion” in Tennoji, and the store whose trademark is the same yellow wall as Namba is called Tennoji Mio. I’m in the facility.
You can enjoy authentic crepes and galettes with the same taste as Namba.

Creperie Altion Tea Table Cafe (Tennoji Mio store)

2F Tennoji Mio Main Building, 10-39 Hiden-cho, Tennoji-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 543-0055
Tel. 06-6770-1274
[Business hours] Lunch / 11:00-16:00 LO
Dinner / 16:00-21:00 (20:00 LO)
Cafe / 11:00-21:00 (20:15 LO)

(Summary) If you want to enjoy the atmosphere, we recommend the roadside store in Namba, right next to Namba Station.

You can enjoy authentic French crepes in Namba without having to go to France. It’s good to take out while shopping, but if you want to enjoy authentic crepes and galled in the atmosphere, we recommend relaxing inside the store.

Why not stop by Namba’s popular Crepe & Gared shop?

Creperie Alchon basic information

Creperie Alchon basic information
Creperie Alchon
Creperie Alchon
Creperie Alchon

1-4-18 Namba, Chuo-ku, Osaka, Osaka 542-0076
Tel. 06-6212-2270 (1 minute walk from Namba Walk exit B-16)
[Business hours]
[Monday to Friday] 11:30-22: 00 (21:15 LO)
[Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays] 11:00-22:00 (21:15 LO)
*Dinner course/cooking 20:45 LO, takeout 21:30 LO
*Available ends as soon as the dough runs out .