“Yakiimo” boom! ? “Yakiimo Festival” will be held at Osaka Castle Park on November 29th.


Autumn is in full swing! Outdoor events are held at Osaka Castle Park almost every week! Osaka Castle Park is within 5km in a straight line from the Minami area of ​​Osaka.It is located directly below the castle built by Toyotomi Hideyoshi, who unified the country.If you live nearby, you can easily use it for cycling or running if you feel like it.It is a relaxing place for citizens
. This is a place for

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 The gourmet event “Yakiimo Festival OSAKA 2023” will be held from November 29th at Osaka Castle Park (Chuo Ward, Osaka City) at Taiyo no Hiroba, where Yakiimo sweets will be gathered together.

What is Yakiimo Festival?

Bringing the “Yakiimo” culture that has surpassed the boom to the world

A large collection of yakiimo menus and sweets made by artisans using sweet potatoes from all over Japan.
Not only the cooking methods, but also the combination of different ingredients, the art-like presentation, and
the special arrangements of yakiimo are non-stop.
Now, we are spreading the word about the appeal of ceramics, which is no longer a temporary fad, but has become established as Japan’s representative food culture!

■ Official character introduction

Yacky and Mocky

About Yakiimo Festival OSAKA 2023

This event brings together arranged menus and events that allow you to feel the evolution of pottery.

“Yakiimo Fest®︎” will start in Tokyo and travel to three cities this year. “Yakiimo Fest®︎”
will be held at Osaka Castle Park Taiyo Hiroba in Osaka for five days from November 29th (Wednesday) to December 3rd (Sunday), 2023. Yakiimo Fes®︎ OSAKA 2023” (https:// yakiimofes.jp)
There is a lineup of about 35 types, including a variety of arranged menus using yakiimo. The Osaka venue has three venues with the largest number of stores and the largest menu lineup, so expectations are high. Of course, in addition to the souvenir corner (yakiimo, potato kenpi, financier, dried potatoes, etc.), there will also be original capsule toys, print sticker machines, and more!

Featured events

  1. Yakiimo tasting comparison
  2. Compare the tastes of university sweet potatoes
  3. Yakiimo brûlée tasting comparison

Approximately 35 types! “Yakiimo Festival OSAKA 2023” stall menu announced!

This time, it was said that there would be 35 different menus, the most of any event, and the menu was announced the other day! What kind of menu is it?

Yakiimo Festival OSAKA 2023 stall menu list

“Super sweet baked sweet potato” by [Kyoto Imoya Potato and Vegetables]

“Super sweet baked sweet potato” by [Kyoto Imoya Potato and Vegetables]

By professionally grilling Naruto Haruka from Tokushima Prefecture, which is grown with great care by sweet potato farmers, we are able to create a “super sweet sweet potato” with a melty texture and honey taste that cannot be enjoyed with ordinary baked potatoes. I will participate.

The 3rd.Shibuya x Kawakami Farm] “Directly from the farm! Aged Beni Haruka & Silk Sweet”

The 3rd.Shibuya x Kawakami Farm] "Directly from the farm! Aged Beni Haruka & Silk Sweet"

[The 3rd.Shibuya x Kawakami Farm] is a collaboration between a cafe in Shibuya and Kawakami Farm in Ibaraki Prefecture.The 3rd.Shibuya x Kawakami Farm’s “Direct from the Farm! Aged Beni Haruka & Silk Sweet” is made with each sweet potato that has been aged and shipped with mud on it. This item is hand-washed and carefully baked over a period of 2 hours. Please pay attention to the exceptionally high sugar content.

[OIMO cafe] “Oimoyaki (wealth of Kawagoe potato)”

[OIMO cafe] “Oimoyaki (wealth of Kawagoe potato)”

“Oimoyaki” (Tomino Kawagoe Potato) produced by [OIMO cafe], a sweet potato farmer in Saitama Prefecture that has been in business for over 320 years since the Edo period, is made using fallen leaf compost farming and has a simple flavor that is appealing.

“Mitsuimo” from [Mitsuimo-dokoro ~Enmusubi~]

“Mitsuimo” from [Mitsuimo-dokoro ~Enmusubi~]

[Mitsuimo-dokoro ~Enmusubi~] has introduced “Mitsuimo” which has a high ratio of honey and sugar and is so creamy that it is difficult to hold. Using only super-ripened sweet potatoes that take about 7 to 8 months, they are slowly baked in a special pot for 2 hours. You can also try the “Cinnabata Brûlée,” which is made by brûléing “bees” and finishing it with cinnamon butter.

“Com Honey Butter Baked Sweet Potato” from [Roman Yakini Imo-no-su]

“Com Honey Butter Baked Sweet Potato” from [Roman Yakini Imo-no-su]

 From the popular Osaka restaurant [Roman Yakini Imo-no-su], which aims to “bring romance and excitement with roasted sweet potatoes,” they add three types of cheese, original sauce, Spanish lemon honey, and black pepper to their baked sweet potatoes using their own method. An arrangement of the signature menu items “Original Honey Cheese Baked Sweet Potato” and “Com Honey Butter Baked Sweet Potato.”

[Happy Wagon] “Golden Sweet Potato Candy (1 piece)”

[Happy Wagon] “Golden Sweet Potato Candy (1 piece)”

[Shiawase no Wagon]’s “Golden Roasted Sweet Potato Candy (1 piece)” has a whole roasted sweet potato wrapped in candy and has a crunchy texture that will make you addicted to it.

Sweets made with Daigaku sweet potatoes are also available!

[Yakiimo Specialty Store Imoyasu]’s “Daigaku Yakiimo Beni Haruka’s Roasted Sweet Potato with Ice Cream” [Yakiimo Festival Daigakuimo STAND]’s “Adult Tasting Comparison of 3 Types of Daigakuimo (Classic/Black Sesame Kinako/Caramel Nuts)”

In the Daigaku sweet potato section, you can enjoy different textures such as crispy and juicy.

Yakiimo brûlée arrangement part

“Tsuboyaki Potato Brulee Smoothie” by smoothie specialty store [Smoothie & Bowl TUNE] and “French Baked Potato Brulee” by [Shiawase no Wagon]

[Smoothie & Bowl TUNE] “Tsuboyaki Potato Brulees Smoothie”
[Happy Wagon] “French baked sweet potato brûlée”

In the yakiimo brûlée arrangement section, the smoothie specialty shop [Smoothie & Bowl TUNE]’s “Tsuboyaki Potato Brûlée Smoothie” and “French Yakiimo Brûlée” by “Shiawase no Wagon” will whet your appetite.

Popular fried section

“Koguma Ball” from [Smoothie & Bowl TUNE]
[Hong Kong Dim Sum Tower]’s “Mitarashi Yakini Donut” is limited to Osaka
[The 3rd.Shibuya x Kawakami Farm]’s “Super Aged! Karihoku Sweet Potato Stick” is participating from Toyama!

“Koguma Ball” from [Smoothie & Bowl TUNE]
[Hong Kong Dim Sum Lou]'s "Mitarashi Baked Sweet Potato Donut"
[The 3rd.Shibuya x Kawakami Farm] “Super Aged! Karihoku Sweet Potato Sticks”

Koguma Ball, a cute ball-shaped sweet made with sweet potatoes from Ibaraki Prefecture, is available from [Smoothie & Bowl TUNE].

[Hong Kong Dim Sum Rou]’s original sweet “Mitarashi Yakiimo Donut” is a donut made with plenty of roasted potatoes and topped with homemade mitarashi sauce, only available at the Osaka venue. [The 3rd.Shibuya x Kawakami Farm]’s “Super Aged! Karihoku Sweet Potato Stick” allows you to taste the sweet potato taste directly. Participating from Toyama,

The cafe [sogawa parfait lascoo], whose address is not disclosed, offers the “Dense Beniharuka Tempura Imo Soft”, which is Beniharuka tempura made into tempura and enjoyed with soft serve ice cream, and the “Aged Beniharuka Tempura Imo Soft”, which is made with tempura sprinkled with truffle salt for a rich flavor. Beni Haruka’s Tempura ~Truffle Salt~” expresses sweet and salty.

The original fries are a blend of yakiimo paste and potato mashed potatoes, and you can choose flavors such as honey and sesame, such as “Yakiimo French Fries” from [Yakiimo Dokoro Nibankan] and “Yakiimo Nuggets” from [Yakiimo Koro]. There are so many menu items that you can’t stop eating.

In addition to the “Yakiimo Black Sesame Ginger Milk Five-Grain Gayu” from “Yakiimo Fest Ogee STAND,” which will appear only at the Osaka venue, “Premium Crepe” from “Yakiimo Doco? Nibankan” was created for this Yakiimo Fest
. ” and
[Kyoto Imoya Potatoes and Vegetables]’s “Compare 3 Types of Super Honey Sweet Potatoes” and don’t forget to check out the featured menus.

OIMO cafe’s “Oimoto chicken mustard curry” combines the unexpected combination of sweet yakiimo and sour grain mustard with a curry stir-fried with spices, and is not just a sweet.It is also a hamburger version of yakiimo croquette
Warm your body with [Yakiimo Koro]’s “Yakiimo Croquette Burger”, which is particular about the buns, and “Yakiimo Miso Soup” and “Yakiimo Spicy Chigae” from [Yakiimo Fes SOUP STAND], which contain Yakiimo with the skin intact .

Click here for list of stores

<Romantic baked sweet potato sweet potato nest>Original Honey Cheese Baked Potato, Com Honey Butter Baked Potato
<Yakiimo specialty store Imoyasu>Daigaku Yaki Imo, Daigaku Yaki Imo Beni Haruka’s Yaki Imo topped with ice cream
<Smoothie & Bowl TUNE>Tsuboyaki potato brûlée smoothie, Koguma ball
<Yakiimo restaurant DoCo? Nibankan>Premium crepe, yakiimo fries
<Yakiimo Koro>Baked sweet potato croquette burger, baked sweet potato nuggets
<Kyoto Imoya Potatoes and Vegetables>Compare 3 types of super sweet sweet potatoes, super sweet baked potatoes
<sogawa perfect lascoo>Deep Beni Haruka Tempura Sweet Potato Soft, Aged Beni Haruka Tempura ~Truffle Salt~
<The 3rd.Shibuya x Kawakami Farm>Directly from the farm! Aged Beni Haruka & Silk Sweet, super aged! Karihoku sweet potato sticks
<Happy Wagon>Golden baked sweet potato candy (1 piece), French baked sweet potato brûlée
3OIMO cafe6Oimoyaki (wealthy Kawagoe potato), Oimo and chicken grain mustard curry
<Hong Kong Dim Sum Restaurant>Mitarashi baked sweet potato donut, chocolate baked sweet potato donut
<Misai-dokoro~enmusubi~>Honey potato, cinnabata brûlée
<Yakiimo Festival Porridge STAND>Grilled potatoes, black sesame, ginger milk, five-grain sauce
<Yakiimo Festival Daigakuimo STAND>Compare 3 types of Daigakuimo for adults (classic/black sesame kinako/caramel nuts)

free entrance! There’s no one who doesn’t like yakiimo! ?

Please enjoy the “Yakiimo Festival” all day long, including non-sweet menu items.

■Yakiimo Festival OSAKA 2023 Event Overview

  • Event period: November 29, 2023 (Wednesday) – December 3, 2023 (Sunday)
  • Business hours Weekdays 11:00-19:00, Saturdays and Sundays 10:00-19:00 (13:00-only on the first day)
  • Venue Osaka Castle Park
    Taiyo no Hiroba Access 2 minutes walk from JR Osaka Castle Park Station 5 minutes walk from Osaka Merto Osaka Business Park Station
  • Admission: Free *Food and drinks are charged separately (cashless payment only)
  • Sponsored by Osaka Castle Park Management Joint Venture
  • Co-sponsored by LAF Entertainment Co., Ltd./Kyodo Osaka Co., Ltd.

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