Univa’s annual Halloween event starts on September 7th (Thursday)


This year’s Univa Halloween event will be held in two stages.

The first thing to start is the daytime Halloween event “Hahaha! Halloween Party”.

The nighttime Halloween event
will be held from September 24th (Sunday) to January 8th, 2024 (Monday) under the title “Halloween Horror Nights. “

In addition, “NO LIMIT! Halloween 2023” will be held from September 10th to November 7th.

About each Halloween event

“Hahaha! Halloween Party”

A flashy and hot Halloween party with DJ Pikachu and DJ Gengar. Pokemon, My Melody & Kuromi, and minions also appear.
It’s a fun daytime Halloween filled with cuteness.

“Halloween Horror Nights”

​Halloween Horror Night The largest number in history, a bizarre party where you are surrounded by an army of zombies, screaming and screaming. It will appear though.
Encounter Creatures from Resident Evil™ and Legendary Universal Monsters

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