The huge Uniqlo in Shinsaibashi is so intimidating! Flagship store reopens for the first time in 2 years! Double Deluxe Campaign

Just last week, on November 23rd, the UNIQLO Shinsaibashi store reopened after renovations in a prime location in Shinsaibashi!

This is the tenant that originally housed Uniqlo Shinsaibashi.

The store was temporarily closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, but will reopen at the same location.

At the same time, the store on the south side of Shinsaibashi Shopping District, which was previously integrated as UNIQLO and GU, will be renamed “UNIQLO Shinsaibashi-suji Shopping Street Store” and will operate as two UNIQLO stores in the Shinsaibashi area. it seems like

Double Deluxe@UNIQLO Theme song is Mozart of Namba

In order to promote the coexistence of the two stores in Shinsaibashi, the store is called “UNIQLO Double Deluxe” and is advertised on shopping bags and with a theme song.

The campaign is themed around the Osaka-like kotekote, which is similar to Osaka’s specialty okonomiyaki.

The interior of “Kotekote” features a theme song by Osaka’s leading composer “Kida Taro” that appeals visually and aurally to a strong impact not found in other UNIQLO stores.

About Kidataro

Composer/talent. People call him “Naniwa’s Mozart”.

He has composed many theme songs for television, radio, and commercials that all Japanese people, even if they are not from the Kansai region, have heard at least once. Taro Kida has composed many classic commercial songs that everyone in the Kansai region knows, such as “Arimabei Koyokaku,” “Osaka Specialty Kuidaore,” “Kani Doraku,” and “Demae Iccho (Nissin Foods).” . In addition, Mr. Taro Kidata is a 92-year-old Kansai heavyweight who is well known among the Japanese community, having served as the top advisor on Asahi Broadcasting’s “Detective! Night Scoop.”

  • Real name: Taro Kida
    Date of birth: December 6, 1930 (the youngest of 5 sons and 1 daughter)
    Birthplace: Takarazuka City, Hyogo Prefecture
    Alma mater: Graduated from Kwansei Gakuin High School (dropped out of the Faculty of Sociology, Kwansei Gakuin University)
    Blood type: B
    Hobbies Reading/Games

The new store has five floors, from the first basement floor to the fourth floor above ground, and has a sales floor area of ​​2,376 square meters.
The 1st basement floor and 1st floor above ground are women’s stores, the 2nd floor is men’s, the 3rd floor is men’s, kids’, and baby’s, and the 4th floor is for graphic T-shirts “UT”, customization service “UTme!”, and repair and remake services
.・In addition to UNIQLO Studio,
there will also be collaboration products with ANYA HINDMARCH, which will go on sale from the 23rd.

Check out the corporate collaboration T! Is it perfect as a souvenir?

This time, “Double Deluxe”
will sell printed T-shirts in collaboration with Osaka’s leading food companies and restaurants, exclusively at the store.

The collaboration destinations are lined up with shops that represent Osaka.

All 7 companies selling UNIQLO collaboration T

  1. Kihachishu Sohonpo is a long-established Japanese confectionery shop founded in 1948 with its main store in Juso.
  2. “Konbu no Kurakon” is famous for the illustration of “Shiokon Chief”
  3. Koga-ryu, a special takoyaki born in Amerikamura
  4. Sangaria, a beverage maker known for its “Miku Chu Ju Chu,” which reproduces the taste of mixed juice from coffee shops.
  5. “Dotonbori Kamiza” is a ramen shop whose signature product is “delicious ramen” with a perfect harmony of secret soup and umami from Chinese cabbage.
  6. Negiyaki Yamamoto is the birthplace of Negiyaki, founded in 1965 .
  7. Uncle Rikuro’s shop is famous for its freshly baked cheesecake, which has long lines of customers.

Strengthening services for foreign visitors to Japan

We are also strengthening our services for foreign visitors to Japan. In addition to installing in-store signs in four languages, the store has introduced approximately 20 manned cash registers that can handle duty-free transactions, more than other stores.

Why not stop by the UNIQLO Shinsaibashi Opening “Double Deluxe” event?

Summary of opening commemorative events

  • For eight days from the 23rd to the 30th, typical winter items such as “Heattech” and light fleece will be on sale at shocking sale prices at two stores in Shinsaibashi.
  • In addition to providing free original shoppers on a first-come, first-served basis every day,
  • For 4 days until the 26th, customers who spend 10,000 yen or more will receive a stainless steel mug with an original design.
  • Inside the store, there will be announcements by former Hanshin Tigers player Kyuji Fujikawa,
  • “Original music for UNIQLO by Taro Kida, a composer affectionately known as Naniwa’s Mozart 2, will also be broadcast.

With less than 500 days left until the Expo, more and more foreign travelers are coming to Osaka, and it looks like this will be a store where you can feel the momentum of Shinsaibashi!