Tanabata annual event “Reiwa OSAKA Milky Way Legend” held in Osaka

“Heisei OSAKA Milky Way Legend” started in 2010 to enliven the aquatic capital of Osaka.
A project to create the Milky Way by releasing Inori Star®, a ball of light that entrusts people’s wishes on the night of Tanabata, into the Tenma River (Okawa), which has a deep connection to the Milky Way legend.
Along with the era name change, the event has been renamed “Reiwa OSAKA Milky Way Legend.”

And this time, this project is being revived for the first time in 4 years!
Please come to the venue and enjoy this traditional feature that colors the summer nights of the aquatic city of Osaka.
There are countless Inori Stars floating on the surface of the river.By purchasing an Inori Star® release ticket (admission ticket included), you can release your wishes into the Inori Stars.

At that time, let’s create a special Milky Way for that moment together.

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