[Held this weekend] Every year, cosplayers gather in excitement! Nihonbashi Street Festa will be held on May 12th


One of Japan’s leading cosplay festivals! Nihonbashi Street Festa will be held again for the first time in 5 years after the coronavirus pandemic!

What is Nihonbashi Street Festa (commonly known as Stofes)?

“Nihonbashi Street Festa (Stofes)” started in 2005 with 130,000 visitors and about 300 cosplayers, and since then it has grown year by year, and in 2019, it had 250,000 visitors nationwide. It has become known as a major event in Minami, Osaka, and one of the largest cosplay events in Japan, attracting over 10,000 cosplay participants from all over the country.

A photo report on the Nihonbashi Street Festa (commonly known as Stofes) so far.

2005 1st Nihonbashi Street Festa
2005 1st Nihonbashi Street Festa

The first event included a parade and other events, and the atmosphere was more relaxed compared to the last one.

16th Nihonbashi Street Festa (2019)
16th Nihonbashi Street Festa (2019)

Please take a look at the 16th edition held in 2019. A line of people as far as the eye can see…

Annual cosplay festival! Nihonbashi Street Festa is a huge event that fills the Nihonbashi area with people.

This year’s Nihonbashi Street Festa will be held in May! Enjoy the perfect weather!

This year's Nihonbashi Street Festa will be held in May! Enjoy the perfect weather!

The 17th edition, which will be held for the first time in five years (including the cancellation in 2020),
will be moved from March to May, with the aim of making the event even more powerful and enjoyable for everyone.

The number of inbound tourists in the Nihonbashi area has recently increased more than before the coronavirus, and
the great thing about Osaka is that anyone can come, so we can expect a huge excitement.

17th Nihonbashi Street Festa 2024 Event Overview

event dateMay 12, 2024
VenueNihonbashi shopping district area
open timeHolding times vary depending on each venue.
⚫︎Sakaisuji (road open to the public) / 12:00-15:00 *Traffic regulation time / 11:00-15:30
⚫︎Ota Road / 12:00-14:30 *Traffic regulation time / 10:00-18:00
⚫︎Stofes Square (Times Osaka Namba) / 11:00-17:00
⚫︎Namba Carnival Mall / 11:00-17:00
◆Operating hours of the cosplay changing room are [10:00-17:30 *Some differences] Masu.
Event details⚫︎Nihonbashi Cosplay Festival (Japan’s largest cosplay event)
⚫︎Cosplay Parade (advance application required *Participation fee required)
⚫︎Nihonbashi Maid Parade
⚫︎Opening stage event
⚫︎Various roadside events (booth corners, etc.)
Admission feeFree (However, a separate participation fee is required for cosplay and camera photography.)
othersHeld in light rain (cancelled in case of stormy weather)
Sponsored byNihonbashi Street Festa Executive Committee
Planning and managementNihonbashi Street Festa Management Committee
(Nihonbashisuji Shopping District Promotion Association/Denden Town Kyoeikai)
SponsorshipOsaka City Federation of Shopping Associations, Naniwa Ward Shopping Association Federation, Osaka Prefecture Shopping District Promotion Association
SponsorshipMinami Town Development Network
Special sponsorshipBushiroad Co., Ltd.

Check out the Nihonbashi Street Festa 2024 official guidebook

Nihonbashi Street Festa 2024 Check the official guidebook and check the precautions in advance

You can also check the official guidebook for this year’s Nihonbashi Street Festa 2024 online. If you look at the official guidebook, you can see the event details at a glance! It’s very clearly organized.

Peak time is expected to be from 11:00 to 15:30!
Traffic restrictions apply from 10:00 to 18:00

From now on, I will introduce some points that I think are important.
Please see the official guidebook for more details.

Click here for the official guidebook

Venue map

Nihonbashi Street Festa 2024 venue map

Various events are held in a wide area centered on the so-called “Ota Road”, as well as in the Namba area and Denden Town area.

◼️Access to the venue You
can easily walk to the venue from Ebisucho Station on the Osaka Metro Sakaisuji Line or Namba Station on the Midosuji Line.

Denden Town entire map

◼️The guidebook also introduced the access for returning , but on a crowded day, I would not go from Namba Station, but from JR Shin-Imamiya Station in the Shinsekai direction, or Osaka Metro Dobutsuen-mae Station. It may be smoother to use something like “.

Click here for the official guidebook

Click here for information on various events and exhibition booths

On the opening stage, there will be a singing service by maids and a rock-paper-scissors competition.

On the opening stage, there will be a singing service by maids and a rock-paper-scissors competition.
opening stage timetable

Booths will also be set up at Stofes Square and Ota Road.

Stofes Square
Stofes Plaza event information

Stofes Plaza event information 2
Stofes Plaza event information 3
Otaroad Square
Otaroad Plaza event information

Support nearby hotels with cosplay accommodation plans!

Nihonbashi Street Festa 2024 Official Cosplay Accommodation Plan

Hotels near Nihonbashi also offer cosplay accommodation plans that include cosplay changing and luggage storage!

It’s an attractive plan that includes a cosplay participation certificate, allows you to change clothes during the tour, and allows you to enjoy Street Festa comfortably and to the fullest😀

Nihonbashi Street Festa 2024 Official Cosplay Accommodation Plan Hotel List

Nihonbashi Street Festa 2024 Official Cosplay Accommodation Plan Hotel List 2
Nihonbashi Street Festa 2024 Official Cosplay Accommodation Plan Hotel List 3

[Note] Please purchase a participation certificate to participate in cosplay.

When participating in cosplay, be sure to purchase a “participation certificate” in advance.
It seems to be used for changing room operations and venue maintenance.

Request to all cosplay and camera participants!

If you are participating in the Nihonbashi Street Festa by cosplaying or taking pictures, please purchase a participation certificate! All proceeds from the sale of participation certificates will go toward operating funds for Nihonbashi Street Festa.

Nihonbashi Street Festa requires a large budget to operate the changing rooms and venue in order to accommodate the increasing number of cosplay participants each year, and the recent rise in raw material and labor costs has made the operating situation difficult. The number of cases has increased, and although we have resumed operations, its future continuation is uncertain.

Nihonbashi Street Festa is an event supported by everyone who has purchased participation certificates! In order to continue the Nihonbashi Street Festa, we ask that everyone who participates in cosplay and photo shoots please purchase a participation certificate!!From the official guidebook

For detailed information on how to purchase a participation certificate, please check the official website. From

About traffic regulations (things you should know in advance)

The peak time is from 11:00 to 15:30, and traffic will be restricted throughout Sakaisuji.

Nihonbashi Street Festa 2024 Traffic Regulation Notice

If you are planning to go to the Namba area for work that day, it would be a good idea to check the detour route in advance.

Introducing local shops and sponsors that will enliven the event

concept cafe

The cutest Hai-Nyan Teikoku Group in Nihonbashi
Check here for the latest Concafe information
Concafe in Nihonbashi, Osaka

Character goods, hobby shop

Imaginary machine shop mecha store (toy store) Animate Osaka Nihonbashi store (anime comic game specialty store)
GiGO Namba Avion Store Gee! STORE Osaka (Character Goods SHOP)
Strongest purchase JUNGLE 2nd STAGE

trading card shop

Bee Honpo (Trading Card Shop) Card game shop "Plays"

cosplay shop

Assist Osaka Nihonbashi store swallowtail Osaka store

(Summary) Just before the event! Check SNS and HP for the latest information

It’s finally the last minute and it’s getting exciting! It seems that you can get the latest information on SNS etc.

(Summary) Just before the event! Check SNS and HP for the latest information

Click here for official website