I know? A “Mari Mari Marie” themed cafe is being opened at Namba Parks.


Do you know the Youtube channel “Mari Mari Marie”?

It’s a very fun channel with pop-style satire and gags that are refreshingly surreal and easy to laugh at.

A POPUP cafe based on the concept of “Mari Mari Marie” has been running on the 7th floor of Namba Parks since September.

During the period, there will be “soup of Reiji and Mizuki’s memories”, “a curry that changed Reiji’s outlook on life”, “a hamburger from Kaname’s part-time job”, “a BBQ plate cooked by Sumi-chan”, etc. In addition to the food menu that fans of the series will want to try,

limited goods and original goods will also be on sale.

“Mari Mari Marie” concept cafe that matches the freshness of September

It’s close to Shinsaibashi and Namba, so go check it out.