Today, September 14th, Osaka Minami might be in a festive mood! ? What is “ARE” that you can often see everywhere in Osaka these days?

Last time Hanshin Tigers won
Last time we won


“ARE” means that the professional baseball team “Hanshin Tigers” wins the championship.

Living in Osaka, I started hearing the phrase “ARE” everywhere in the news and newspapers. What ARE refers to is that the professional baseball team, the Hanshin Tigers, wins the championship.

The last championship was won in 2003, 18 years ago by the same coach Okada.
The Hanshin Tigers are a professional baseball team that is extremely popular in Keihanshin.
There have been chances to win in recent years, but whenever the phrase “championship” is enthusiastically reported in newspapers and news, the players become discouraged, their results plummet, and they miss out on the championship. It all started when the director dared to not use the phrase “winner” and expressed the victory as “are (ARE)”, and the news started to refer to the victory as “ARE” instead of “championship”. became.

When we won last time, the city of Osaka Minami was amazing.

The last time he won was in 2003. Even before that, going back 18 years to 1985, the city of Osaka Minami erupts into a “festival” every time with the joy of winning.
. There was also a situation where I did this. ,

Countermeasures for this year’s “ARE” (festivities due to the Hanshin Tigers’ victory) under strict caution

This year’s championship is likely to be decided at Koshien Stadium, the team’s home stadium, which is close to Osaka.As a result, the Minami area of ​​Osaka is under strict caution.

In Osaka, there is a mood of strict caution as the mood of celebration goes on.

The Hanshin Tigers, a professional baseball team, are about to win the Central League championship for the first time in 18 years. When the team won in the past, a large number of fans flocked to Minami, Osaka, and jumped into a river, resulting in a fatal accident. Osaka Prefectural Police are planning to mobilize around 1,300 people to enforce traffic regulations and provide guidance in foreign languages ​​to inbound tourists, as they increase their vigilance against crowd accidents.From “Yomiuri Shimbun”

The Taiwanese consulate also requests self-restraint.

In addition, the Taiwanese consulate general has issued a request to refrain from visiting Taiwanese tourist spots in Osaka.

“[Please] Please refrain from going out to Shinsaibashi, Dotonbori, Tsutenkaku, Koshien Stadium, etc. on September 14th!!”Taipei Osaka Economic and Cultural Office (Osaka City)

The atmosphere is a mixture of celebration and strict caution. 

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