The Aizen Festival, Osaka’s earliest summer festival, heralds the start of summer in the Minami area, is now underway

The Aizen Festival, a traditional festival in Osaka and known as “Osaka’s earliest summer festival,” is currently being held at Aizen-do Shoman-in Temple
, also known as “Aizen-san,” which is within walking distance of the Minami area and Nipponbashi .

Aizen Festival will be held on June 1st of the lunar calendar, and in 2024 it will be held from June 30th to July 2nd.

Aizen Festival

What is the Aizen Festival?

This historic festival heralds the arrival of summer in Osaka and is also known as the Yukata Festival. It is
a summer festival for Aizen-san (Shoman-in), the god of charm, popularity, and matchmaking, and
is popular for its parade of Hoekago palanquins decorated with red and white cloth and Aizen katsura flowers. The highlight of the festival is
the lively parade with Aizen girls in yukata.

Osaka’s summer festivals
begin on June 30th every year at Aizen-san, pass through Tenjin-san and end at Sumiyoshi-san.
These are known as the three major Osaka summer festivals, andyou can remember them as ” Ai Sumi Ma Sen (Ten) .”

This year’s Aizen Festival will be even more colorful with stalls set up at the festival.

This year’s Aizen Festival is also set to feature a festival stall, making it look like it will be even more colorful and exciting than ever.

Events of the Aizen Festival

Opening of Aizen Myoo

Aizen Myoo

Over three days from June 30th to July 2nd, the statue of Aizen Myoo, who is said to grant blessings for finding a partner, finding a good match, business success, victory, and warding off epidemics , will be on display.

Takae Kago Parade

The Hoe Kago Parade started yesterday, June 30th, at Tennoji Park Tenshiba and involved parades of people chanting “Hoe-e-ka-go. “

From the website:

Portrait Ema (votive plaque)

There will also be an event called ” Portrait Ema ,” where people can draw a portrait of their favorite person or idol and write their wish on an ema, a piece of paper on which you write your wish .

Portrait Ema

It will remain on display in the main hall even after the Aizen Festival is over, and it is also possible to make caricature votive plaques .

Let’s go to the Aizen Festival, which heralds the start of summer in Osaka 

You can get there quickly from the Minami area.

◼️Aizen Festival Basic Information

Event periodJune 30, 2024 (Sunday) – July 2, 2024 (Tuesday)
venueAizen-do (Shoman-in Temple)
Last year’s attendance50,000 people
addressOsaka Prefecture, Osaka City, Tennoji Ward, Yuhigaokacho 5-36
TEL06-6779-5800 (Aizendo (Shoman-in))
Cultural property information (events)Osaka City Designated Intangible Folk Cultural Property [Aizen Festival]

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